Jul 31 2006

What about Tony Stewart?

Sorry, this is is about a week behind, sorry been busy.

What did everyone think of the big shindig with Stewart, Bowyer and Edwards at Pocono? It did look like Bowyer pinched him a little, but I don’t think he pushed him into the wall, and Tony retaliated right there, taking Bowyer and Edwars out of contention for the chase , probably. I think Tony deserves what he gets and more, I agree that someone needs to fill Earnhardt’s shoes and show these new drivers the ropes, talking about Sr not Jr, but you can’t just blatantly take out someone like that, maybe give them a couple new dents and a reason to visit pit road, but to just wreck them is way to strong. Tony needs to dish out what he says, because he saying one thing and doing another on the track.

He complained at Daytona about the rough driving and was the first to break the new rules Nascar set in place. The funniest thing that was said came from Edwards, he said I just can’t take it when someone takes me out and then flips me the finger, so i took him out in the pits.

From the Arizona Daily Star,

He wants another Earnhardt around, but he’s the logical choice to fill that void. He’s a winner on and off the track (remember, Stewart gives millions to charity and is revered for his generosity), he’s outspoken and has earned the right to be heard.

But he’s grown increasingly frustrated of talking all the time and not getting any results.
“I sit down and talk with them all week long, but the thing is they look at you like you got three heads,” he said. “They don’t pay attention and they don’t care.”

So he gets angry and does his talking on the race track _ and that’s not unlike Earnhardt, either. But if Stewart could just stick with one message, and find a consistent way to deliver it, he someday might be able to get his point across.

Until then, he’s just a hypocrite.

That hot reporter Jaynelle Ramon on the same paper is a little more upset with him saying,

So Clint Bowyer runs Tony into the wall and Tony decides to get back at him. In the process he takes out Carl Edwards who had nothing to do with the incident.

Instead of apologize to Carl after the race he basically said, “Well, he ran into me twice earlier in the race.”

I’m sorry, what?

He then brought out his old standby about some guys not understanding give-and-take and my favorite line about how some guys race hard but then get mad when other drivers race them hard back.

Has Tony ever looked in the mirror when he says that? He should.

Tony’s – and 99 percent of all the other drivers – 5-year-old kid, “He started it” line of defense is getting tired.

They all do it and I don’t even think they realize how infantile they sound.

She’s exactly right, they all do it and they all complain about it. NEXT!

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