Oct 28 2006

David Ragan Not Allowed to Race This Weekend

I really hadn’t followed up on my last post, Should NASCAR Prevent Inexperienced Drivers from Racing During Cup?, where I talked how NASCAR should look at allowing in-experienced drivers into the cup races, because a weekend like the last one, where Ragan wrecked four times, could really affect the points. But I saw a reporter on TV talking about how they weren’t going to allow him on the tracks 1 1/2 miles or bigger, such as Atlanta this weekend, but they were allowing another in-experienced driver to try to qualify. He thought they were not letting Ragan qualify because of last weekend.

I hope they make it a rule, those drivers who haven’t raced over, say 5 races, could not qualify during the Chase for the Cup. Let them practice in the Busch or Truck races and wait until next year to try again.

Because of the rain out, neither driver would have been able to qualify anyway, they go by points when they can’t qualify.

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