Feb 21 2007

Harvick Wins 500

This post is a few days late, finally posted the scores for the Race League and it kept me busy for a couple days. Kevin Harvick won the Daytona 500, charging past Mark Martin as Nascar let them race back to the flag. I have been really curious what other fans thought about it, personally, I think they should’ve thrown the flag at the same point they would have on lap number 1. What if one of the drivers or even both drivers had let off because they expected Nascar to throw the flag? When they made the rule about racing back to the flag, I hoped they would be consistent with it, if they don’t want to end under caution, then they should make another rule, or get rid of this one. I don’t know, maybe I’m too picky.

It would have been nice to see Martin win the Daytona 500, so he could put that one behind him, always the bride’s maid never the bride. Ginn Racing has already said that if Mark wants to race the full season, he is welcome to do so, they would be glad to have him, and they should be, he is used to racing in the top 10, and it would not be much of a stretch for him to win the Nextel Cup this year.

Martin is scheduled to compete in about 22 events this season in a No. 01 car he’ll share with teammate Regan Smith, along with a variety of Busch and Craftsman Truck starts for other teams. But if results like his dramatic runner-up finish to Kevin Harvick in Sunday’s Daytona 500 whet his appetite for another championship run, Martin has the option of driving the U.S Army car full time.

“If he came to us and that’s what he wanted to do,” Jay Frye, Ginn Racing’s CEO and general manager said Tuesday, “then we would do that.”

Frye stressed that the subject hasn’t even come up. But should Martin make that decision, Smith would move to the team’s No. 39 car, which failed to qualify at Daytona. Source: Car open should Martin opt for full-time ride

I wouldn’t mind to see him complete the whole season, he is a competitive driver and one of those guys you know who won’t wreck you on purpose to get the win.

That was a pretty good wreck on the last lap; it definitely shook up the points at the end of the race, with some going from hero to zero and vice versa. It wasn’t the best Daytona I have ever seen, but probably a top five for me, but I haven’t been watching as long as some of you guys.

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