Feb 27 2007

Mark Martin, Happy Where He’s At

There has been a lot of talk about Mark Martin running the limited schedule this year, and there is even more now that he is atop the point standings, after almost winning in Daytona, to his 5th place finish in Fontana, Martin is off to his best start ever. So, of course, the media is hounding him, are you going to go for the cup, are you going to change from the partial season, he is only scheduled to run in 23 races, to a full season schedule since you are off to your best start ever. Mark seems pretty happy and content with his decision, even after doing the same thing the past two years, retiring, but not really retiring.

“I’m very comfortable with what I’ve laid out, but I’ve learned never to say never,” Martin said Monday. “I am the happiest man in racing right now with the best job in all of motor sports. That’s where I am today.”

“I can, as of right now, say I am fine with things,” Martin said. “I can’t say how I will feel after Atlanta (on March 18). I know I don’t want to run for the championship this year.”

A four-time championship runner-up, Martin is considered the greatest driver to never win a title. He accepted long ago that he’ll never hoist the Cup, and refuses to spend the end of his career fruitlessly chasing one.

“I am at peace with the hardware part, the trophy part, I didn’t earn one and now I don’t want to chase one,” he said. “I want to move on to the next chapter.” Source: Vet Martin might have hard time scaling back

His car owners have already said the car is his for the whole year if he wants it, they can build another car for Regan Smith, who was going to replace him in those 13 races. He said sitting out Bristol will probably be the best thing that he could do right now, he says it will let him know whether he really is ready to retire or not, if he misses racing in Bristol that’s fine, but if he is glad to be watching it, then that is another thing all together.

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