Apr 29 2007

Jeff Gordon Wins in Talladega, Passes Dale Earnhardt in Wins

I know I’m probably biased just a little bit, but I thought that was a pretty damn good race, just a shame it had to end under caution. I think Gordon would’ve won it either way, he was meant to break it here, and I bet Dale Earnhardt would’ve congratulated him on doing it, especially after the way he charged to the front. It is sad that Nascar has some of the fans that it does, I guess, and I hope everyone who threw something was caught. You don’t see stuff like that at the other major sporting events when someone breaks a record, they have class and usually cheer them on, even if they don’t like him, but not Nascar fans. Another reason to stay home and watch it on the big screen.

“I never caused a riot before for winning — well, maybe once or twice,” Gordon said. “I thought Junior had more power. I thought they’d throw toilet paper, which is what he asked them to throw. I saw maybe one roll.”

But Gordon was understanding of the fan reaction.

“There are a lot of fans out there who are Earnhardt fans who don’t want to see [the record] broken,” he said. “I appreciate the enthusiasm … the opinions of all the fans out there. What are you going to do?” Source: Gordon passes Earnhardt in career wins at ‘Dega

You fans that feel the need to throw beer cans at the drivers, need to read what he said again. That is class right there, and that man is sixth in overall wins, has four championships, should be five, 60 poles, and is 203 points ahead of second. Keep throwing the beer cans, I think he likes it, maybe he’ll just keep on winning.

Tony Stewart had another exciting day, after racing up front, he was taken out on the restart with two laps to go, and ended up finishing 28th.

“We just got crashed,” Stewart said. “We had [McMurray] just inside of us and I think [Gilliland] just inside of him. I really want to see the replay before I say anything, though.”

Then Stewart just couldn’t contain himself any longer (watch video).

“We’ve already crashed here,” Stewart said while watching a television replay. “And then [Gilliland] just plows us for no reason. I guess he’s still mad for the Busch race [Saturday] but … no talent there, I guess.” Source: Stewart spins, struggles to stay quiet with frustration

Ouch. He did get plowed and I can definitely understand the frustration, running good every week and hardly ever getting anything out of it. He also had the benefit of a couple cautions, I do believe, so, ehh. Here’s the top ten:

1. Jeff Gordon
2. Jimmie Johnson
3. Kurt Busch
4. David Gilliland
5. Jamie McMurray
6. Kevin Harvick
7. Dale Earnhardt Jr.
8. David Stremme
9. Ryan Newman
10. Martin Truex Jr.

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