May 24 2007

COT Full Time in 2008, What About 2007?

Kyle Petty's COT
Nascar announced yesterday that the COT will be full time in 2008, It’s official: COT will be used full time in ’08 season, sparing all of the Nascar teams the burden of having to prepare two different cars at different race tracks over the course of the season. This will allow everyone to try to catch up to Hendrick Motorsports and Joe Gibbs Racing, but why not the rest of this year?

NASCAR decided this week to run the Car of Tomorrow full-time in 2008, but at least one Cup driver says that’s not soon enough.

Kyle Petty says he thinks the COT should run in the second half of the current season. He says there are smart people in the NASCAR garage, and there are smart crew members, crew chiefs and smart drivers. They can make it work.

The bigger, boxier and, hopefully, safer car was introduced this season after seven years of development. The COT already has run five of 16 scheduled events this season. It was supposed to be phased into the full 36-race schedule in 2008 and 2009.

Instead, at the request of the teams, the schedule was compressed to save money and time. Petty says it’s a great move by NASCAR, but says the car needs to race more and more. Source: Kyle Petty: COT Should Run Rest of ’07 Season

The only downer that I can see is it will keep the cup drivers from getting the extra practices by running a Busch series car, of course, that has the side benefit of the cup drivers not running in the Busch series and we can have an actual Busch series driver end up as champion, when was the last time that happened?

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