Jul 14 2007

Denny Hamlin & Tony Stewart Problems Continue

We hadn’t heard anything official in way of a response from Denny Hamlin concerning Tony Stewart’s comments after their wreck this week, until today, and he’s saying exactly what I said, “Tony threw me under the bus.”

Despite the fact that video replays clearly show Stewart appearing to cause the accident by hitting Hamlin from behind, Stewart claimed it was the result of Hamlin driving a slower car and refusing to get out of his way. The Joe Gibbs Racing teammates were running 1-2 at the time. (read more)

Stewart also claimed that Hamlin had attempted to wreck him one day earlier during practice for the Pepsi 400, and closed by openly questioning whether the younger Hamlin understood the meaning of being a teammate.

“Sure it disappointed me. It definitely did,” Hamlin said. “Even if it had been a situation where I would have wrecked him from behind, he still shouldn’t have thrown me as far under the bus as he did.

“But I was the guy in front.” Source: Hamlin vents frustration over teammate Stewart

In his weekly radio show, here, Tony Stewart kept on talking like Denny was in the wrong, he even said there were things he, Denny, could do differently as a teammate. I wish I knew what Tony was smoking. The guy asking him the questions even knew he was full of it, he kept saying stuff like now, don’t shoot the messenger and I have to ask this. I wonder if Tony thinks they have a pecking order and that Denny should move aside and let him pass?

Here is the video of the incident, judge for yourself.

Denny said he was planning on talking to Stewart about it today, Tony kept telling the press he wasn’t talking about it to them and would not comment on whether he would talk to Denny or not. Denny also said, “I think at the time neither Joe nor J.D. had really seen a pretty good replay. I don’t think they had realized,” Hamlin said. “We’ve talked since then and I think they realize exactly what happened. Millions and millions of people watching with their opinions know what happened. You know, let them judge.

“I don’t need to sit there and blame Tony. There is no need in that.”

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