Mar 29 2008

Will Roush-Fenway Racing Sue Michael Waltrip Racing over Partgate?

Apparently this weekend Michael Waltrip Racing ended up with a sway bar from Roush-Fenway Racing, and while Michael says it was an accident because of so many parts being strewn around the area, Roush-Fenway is considering legal action because they fell the Michael Waltrip racing went behind their toolbox and took the bar out of their inventory and took it home with them. They also say that the appearance of the bar had been altered when returned from Waltrip Racing and are looking at the incident as not being resolved and are considering legal action.

Michael Waltrip says Jeff Gordon is his spokesman, how the hell could that happen? Apparently Jeff said, “I think we should investigate more. I think we should get the FBI involved.”

Both Gordon and Waltrip said that after post-race inspections parts are left lying around and at times get picked up or even mixed up. Mistakes are made and Waltrip said the part was returned to Roush without dramatics or under any threat from the Roush organization.

Two opinions are being exchanged around the NASCAR garage this weekend in Martinsville. On one hand, some are of the opinion Roush, a Ford-supported operation, is being over-dramatic while others feel the allegation is substantial and when a noted team owner talks of a lawsuit, it should be taken seriously.

Waltrip said, “He [Roush] feels like he was wronged and that is his prerogative and I respect that man,” said Waltrip, before adding, “I hope we don’t dignify this with a whole lot of time and effort … this is not intellectual espionage.” Source:
Waltrip had Roush part, refutes notion it was stolen

While it would be easy to believe that someone would take a part from another team that runs better than them, not to sure if someone from Michael Waltrip Racing would try it, as it would be easy to figure out who has it and whether they are trying to use it or not. In the overall scheme of things, who cares, there’s not much Michael Waltrip Racing can do to improve their racing positions without hiring some competent drivers, IMHO.

Joe Menzer says Jack Roush needs to lighten up and Gordon is still laughing.

“A number of the teams had a number of proprietary parts in our car as we attempt to work within NASCAR’s bounds and do things uniquely for our car that are within the rules that will allow us to get an advantage,” Roush said. “One of the challenges this car has is it’s heavy in the front end. It’s hard to achieve the balance you’d like to have and get enough nose weight off the car to let it balance properly from a weight and balance point of view.

“One of the areas that we’ve worked in is the front sway bar. It’s not subject to a NASCAR teardown inspection. It was not a part that would have been mixed up with other Toyota parts — a front anti-roll sway bar. And within the confines — the package that NASCAR gives you, the material, the dimension, all those things — we designed our own part and we did an analysis of it. We optimized the torsional effect of it with minimizing the weight of it through heat treating and material selection and the way the components were machined and the way it was assembled. …”

Roush rightly was furious. It’s wrong. There’s no doubt about that.

He also mentioned that the part was missing for months before anyone at Roush Fenway Racing realized it, including himself. Source: ‘Partgate’ proves Roush needs to lighten up a bit

Roush says it’s intellectual espionage, the other team has now had an opportunity to see what it does and they have been damaged. Saying, they have been harmed by this theft.

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