Sep 17 2008

This is Why the Chase Sucks

I was reading an article on about how Kyle Busch is now facing a big deficit instead of the big lead he had after the Chase was set, to quote:

Kyle Busch took off his helmet, climbed out of his crumpled and bandaged racecar, and walked down the long corridor between team transporters without saying a word. Then he vanished, just like his lead in the Sprint Cup standings. One race, and suddenly Busch is facing big deficit

That is exactly why the Chase sucks, one bad race at the beginning and Kyle is in eight place in the standings, so, ALL the work, all the races he won end up just keeping him from being deeper in a hole. He was over 200 points ahead of Carl Edwards after Richmond, all that was wiped out for the Chase, the 30 point lead he had because of winning those races, gone. All that work by Kyle and the no. 18 team flushed down the drain by a part that everyone says never breaks, a part that Joe Gibbs said he has never heard of breaking in his 17 years in the sport.

One small part, a broken heim joint, wiped out the lead they had built. In the past, the Cup champions were always those guys who had the best year overall. That’s how it should be. Johnson didn’t deserve to be champion last year, he was over 400 points behind Gordon when the Chase started, and Jimmie only beat Gordon by 77 points at the end, for the year, Gordon would’ve won the Chase by over 350 points. Without the Chase, that would’ve been his sixth cup title and he would be looking to tie Earnhardt and Petty this year, not that he will, as he seems to have my luck this year.

Yes, I am biased because I am a Gordon fan, but it looks like Kyle Busch could end up with the same fate. Sure, Kyle can come back and win this thing just like Johnson did last year, he finished 39th in New Hampshire last year and then went on to win the Chase, but Johnson and Gnaus have the formula down and can win the Chase again easily. It’s just too bad that a broken joint, bolt, or flat tire could be the deciding factor after a long 36 race season.

With that said:
Go, go, Gordon, Gordon, go, go, go!

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