Apr 14 2009

Joe Gibbs Spends $1,000 Per Gallon of Oil

Or, at least that’s what it comes out to when you figure how many gallons they use a year and how much they spend on R&D. In an article from the Wall Street Journal, you can see exactly how competitive Sprint Cup racing is becoming since Nascar has made all the cars exactly the same, they throw big money at something you really wouldn’t think would make as big of an increase as it does.

Joe Gibbs Racing, a team that owns three top-level Sprint Cup cars, has spent about $1 million a year over the past decade to perfect its motor oil. As a result, its engines have squeezed out an extra 10 horsepower, a roughly 2% increase that can be a serious advantage in Nascar races, where the typical margin of victory is about one second. $10 Million, Just for Motor Oil

The forced similarity of the cars is what’s making Nascar boring, if they could just give them some wiggle room and allow them to make the cars look like they are more stock, it would go a long way to making the racing more interesting. The biggest change that would help the racing every single week would be some controversy, some conflict, people saying how they feel and getting a little rough on the track. Now, I’m not talking about taking somebody out because you can’t beat them, I’m talking about if someone is holding you up, they should expect to at least get bumped out of the way, and if they can’t save it, they shouldn’t be racing upfront anyway. From a post on Twitter:

backedNthefence I miss Dale Earnhardt…more importantly I think NASCAR misses Dale Earnhardt.

I think all of racing misses Dale Earnhardt. I have always been a Jeff Gordon fan, I heard all the wonder boy jokes, all the homo jokes, everyone hated Gordon and Dale’s light hearted ribbing of Gordon was a big cause of it. And I miss Dale Earnhardt. When he was still alive and racing, Nascar was a lot more interesting, I missed his heyday, but I saw him spin quite a few people out to win a race. You may not like it, and you may really hate it when it’s your driver he spins out, but you have to admit, it was a lot more exciting. At least it seemed more exciting.

Am I remembering it too fondly you think? I know I like it when they go full out to win, taking a chance on running out of gas, bumping people out of the way, and I thought it was great when Carl Edwards hit the wall hard trying to pass Jimmie Johnson for the win. Raised my respect for Carl Edwards immensely. When Kevin Harvick was being restrained as he talked to Greg Biffle, ya that was good, would’ve been better had they started wrestling or something, but you can’t have everything.

Which brings up an idea, maybe they could introduce a little rassling promotion to the mix. Maybe they could add Mean Gene Okerlund as an announcer, “Jeff Gordon looks to get revenge on Kyle Busch today, predicts that at one point the Shrub will get mowed over.” “Kyle says bring it on Wonder bread.” Maybe they could even through in Kevin Harvick running across the hood of the 48 team car and tackling Jimmie Johnson mid-interview. “I think Kevin just told him to shove that hammer up his, wait a minute, Jeff Burton was just attacked from behind by Carl Edwards. “I can’t believe you would do me that way…ugh..” “Oh my god, Hammond just punched McReynolds in the mouth, told him to try to push him again.”

Okay, maybe that’s not what Nascar needs, but it sure needs something. Maybe they could offer bonuses for especially good bad behavior.

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