Jan 24 2011

Nascar Rule Changes for 2011

Nascar is making some new rule changes this year; here are the ones we know about so far.

The first one I’ll comment on is the one that will probably end up being called the Nationwide rule; each driver must check a box on their application this year that says which series they will be collecting points for. What does this mean? It means that someone who is racing full time in the cup series will not be able to win a Nationwide championship like Brad Keselowski did last year.

I think is a really good rule change, the Nationwide series used to be the proving ground for up and coming young drivers, this is where Dale Jr. was before he started racing the cup series, but the past few years, it’s been an extra race for the cup guys to get in some more practice on the current track. It was a big help to some, like Kevin Harvick, although it wasn’t as helpful when the cup series started using the COT and the cars were so different. From Nascar.com;

“The hope for this is … there is a level of focus and a level of exposure offered to younger drivers who have personalities that deserve to get attention and be developed along the way [in the Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series],” Helton said.

They are also discussing a change to the points system that would make it easier for us normal folks to understand I guess, I’d heard mentioned giving 43 points for first, all the way down to 1 point for last, from the same article linked to above;

“The main goal is to get one that’s just easier to understand and simpler, but you have to do that with credibility around the championship,” he said. “And we’re getting a lot of great input from the drivers about the tweaks that would go along with something like that, so it’s actually been fun to work on.”

Ya, I would imagine it’s pretty fun to work for Nascar.


  • By TheTunnelTurn, March 1, 2011 @ 4:10 pm

    I like the new rule change.It lets the Nationwide guys to have a better shot at the championship.

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