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Feb 01 2013

Tyler Walker Arrested After 3 State High Speed Chase

Former Nascar driver Tyler Walker, who was suspended in 2007 for violating Nascar’s substance abuse policy, was arrested Wednesday after a high speed chase with police across three states. He was caught speeding in Nevada and he and his passenger, Raelie McDonald, were chased into Arizona and Utah, where police deployed spike strips to stop his car. He took off on foot and was apprehended by police, who discovered methamphetamine, marijuana, drug paraphernalia and alcohol in his vehicle, a BMW 750 Li. Check out this handy article to find out the best places where you can get your drug addiction treatment.

Tyler and his passenger were found to be under the influence and are facing drug related charges with Tyler also facing a charge of evading law enforcement and they could be facing charges in all three states. Tyler’s bail was set to $18,000 and he was booked into the Purgatory Correctional Facility.

Walker WAS a rising star at one time, currently racing sprint cars, he was suspended while a Nascar Truck series driver and he had raced in the Nationwide series, 19 Nationwide races and 9 in the truck series. Walker was also in the news last year after an altercation at a sprint race; video is below and is definitely not safe for work or young ears.

Jun 10 2009

Jeremy Mayfield Tested Positive for Meth

It has been revealed by ESPN the magazine that two sources of theirs has said that Jeremy Mayfield had tested positive for methamphetamine, otherwise known as meth, during his random drug test at Richmond International Raceway. Originally, Mayfield had told the onsite testing personnel that he had taken two doses of Claritin-D and had called later, on May 3rd, to let them know that he had also taken Adderall-XR that had been prescribed to him by his doctor for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

No one is allowed to say for sure whether he tested positive for meth as of yet because of the court filings, so it is unlikely that we will hear anything from Nascar or Mayfield on the subject for awhile. I myself have known people who have taken meth, a lot of meth, as it is addictive, and it certainly takes a tole on the body, had he been doing it for very long then you would’ve been able to tell just by looking at him. The people I have known end up with rotting teeth, sores on their faces and probably all kinds of other stuff they would never admit too. So, if Jeremy has taken it at all, I would say it wasn’t for very long or very much.

Adderall I have heard more about in the sports world, being an amphetamine, players are taking it to get an edge, I imagine it would be a big help to one driving a race car in circles for three hours as it would help with their concentration. In the ESPN article they offer this quote from a doctor at AEGIS,

On May 3, Mayfield talked with Dr. David Black of AEGIS to inform him of the Adderall-XR prescription. According to the lawsuit filed by Mayfield against NASCAR and AEGIS, Black “expressed doubt that someone of Mayfield’s age and experience legitimately needed to take Adderall.” Source: Sources: Meth triggered positive test

There was a story in Newsweek about Baseball players using the ADD diagnosis to avoid the amphetamine ban, which would allow them to take Adderall, Ritalin and other drugs, and that the number of players diagnosed in one year had jumped from 28 to 103.

As Major League Baseball begins to dig out from its steroids scandal, new kinds of performance-enhancing substances are sweeping big-league clubhouses: Ritalin, Adderall and other drugs designed to help with Attention-Deficit Disorder. According to records MLB officials turned over to congressional investigators as part of George Mitchell’s probe into steroid use in baseball, the number of players getting “therapeutic use exemptions” from baseball’s amphetamines ban jumped in one year from 28 to 103—which means that, suddenly, 7.6 percent of the 1,354 players on major-league rosters had been diagnosed with ADD. Source: Baseball’s Other Drug Problem

So, whether Mayfield is taking meth or not, I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing wasn’t happening here and in other sports as far as being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, Adderall definitely helps with concentration and gives you plenty of energy, hell, everybody could use some I bet, we are a nation that’s sleeping less and less so we can get things done. I could use a prescription myself, hehe, but, should athletes be allowed to use any kind of performance enhancing drug? I don’t think so.

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