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Nov 24 2009

Johnson Wins 4th Straight Chase Championship

The Chase for the Johnson is over; Jimmie Johnson has won his fourth straight Chase championship in a row, making Nascar history. Of course, IMHO, its recent history, just because he’s won four chase championships, I don’t hold that in as high regard as I would four Winston Cup championships. If we were still under the old points system, Jimmie would have two championships, this year and 2006, with Gordon winning 2007 and Edwards winning 2008. So, not to take anything away from Jimmie, who is going to be one of the all time greats, four championships in a row is hard to do in any sport, and in Nascar, all it takes is one more wreck or mechanical failure and you’re whole season can be different.

I do agree that Johnson stands alone, as Duane Cross puts it in this article on, he is one of the greats, but you can’t compare these guys anymore like we used to be able to, the points system is completely different, and I am sure if you applied the Chase rules to every Nascar season it would change the results, mainly because the Chase format sucks. To go from the best over the whole season to the best over the last ten races is a big swing, maybe if you took the top 12 drivers and have them vote on the final ten races, that might be more interesting.

Mark Martin looked like he was going to be tough on Sunday, but they weren’t as good as they thought they were going to be, Denny Hamlin was the guy to beat at the end, winning his 8th race overall.
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