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Sep 24 2012

Muay Thai Training

If you are interested in Muay Thai training, you really need to go to the source, Thailand, and if you’re going to the source, check out the Muay Thai Thailand camp in the Phucket province of Thailand, which has been in business for 25 years. Here is some of the pricing info:

Muay Thai Training + Private Room (own bathroom ) of 1 month = 11,000 Baht ( 353 USD , 253 Euro ).
If you have your own reservations and you want only training , the cost 1 month is 9,000 Baht .

The Muay Thai camp has had students from countries such as England, Sweden, Denmark, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, the United States, Canada, India, Estonia, France, Italy, Netherlands, South Korea, Australia, Japan, Singapore and many more. Muay Thai is a great exercise for your entire body if you are not interested in competing in any Muay Thai competitions, you are sure to lose weight and increase your physical abilities. The Phucket provice of Thailand is also a huge tourist location, so you can train and rest and relax while you are in Thailand. You can also find the jiu jitsu baytown for jiu jitsu lovers while you are in Thailand.

The have a video about the Muay Thai training camp here.

Here are photos of the Muay Thai training camp, some of the accomodations here and some of the customer reviews here.

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