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Oct 13 2012

Earnhardt Jr Out for Next Two Races

Dale Earnhardt Jr. announced in a press conference this week that he will miss the next two chase races because he has suffered two concussions, one during a test at Kansas and one last week in the final lap wreck at Talladega. Looks like Dale will have plenty of time on his hands, maybe he should try playing some online bingo at

“I felt pretty good after a week or two. Definitely 80 or 90 percent by the time the Chase [for the Sprint Cup] started [on Sept. 16], and by Talladega I felt like I was 100 percent. But, at the end of that race, I was hit in the right-rear quarterpanel. It was sort of an odd kind of a collision where the car spun around really quick and sort of just disoriented me. And I knew then that I had sort of regressed and had a setback. Again, you know your body and you know when something is not quite right. And I knew as soon as it happened that I had re-injured myself, for lack of a better way to describe it.” Source:

The real question is, will it be safe for Dale and the other drivers if he gets back in the car at Martinsville? The data is piling up on how devastating concussions can be, so, it might be a good idea for Dale to take the rest of the year off, he’s knocked himself out of the Chase for the Cup already, so why take anymore chances on something happening to him or someone else? I’m no doctor, but, in this case, I think it’s better safe than sorry. But, I know of at least one driver, my favorite driver, that says if he is leading the Chase, no way he admits he has a concussion, he’d go for the championship and not say a word.

”Honestly, I hate to say this, but no, I wouldn’t,” four-time champion Jeff Gordon said. ”If I have a shot at the championship, there’s two races to go, my head is hurting, and I just came through a wreck, and I am feeling signs of it, but I’m still leading the points, or second in the points, I’m not going to say anything. I’m sorry. Source: Yahoo

It’s what athletes have been doing for years, that’s why sports like the NFL have rules about checking for concussions when someone is shaken up by a hard hit to the head. It’s also probably going to be why I believe Nascar will institute similar rules in the future, maybe a mandatory check after every wreck or something, as driver safety is the number one priority, well, maybe number two for the more competitive.

Aug 24 2011

Kyle Busch Loses License After Speeding

Talk about a penalty, Kyle Busch has lost his license for 45 days after the May 24th speeding ticket when he was caught driving 128 mph in a 45 mph zone. Kyle was also fined $1,000, sentenced to 30 hours of community service and put on one year of unsupervised probation. He decided to contact Florida Ticket Firm for legal advice hoping for the best possible outcome in this case.


Not sure how often this happens, but Kyle was definitely not shown any favoritism as most celebrities are nowadays. His lawyer from Norris Injury Lawyers Alabama – personal injury lawyers – said that Kyle was not treated like a normal citizen.

Busch attorney Cliff Homesley argued that his client wasn’t being treated the same as other people in similar circumstances, citing a July case of a 21-year-old convicted felon who was caught doing 128 mph and received a $300 fine and no loss of license.

“In 25 years of practicing law I’ve never seen someone not being offered better than this,” Homesley argued before the court. “All I am asking is to treat Kyle Busch like any other citizen that appears before the court.”

Homesley, calling Busch one of the best drivers in the world, said: “He had full control of that vehicle at all times.

“That automobile in his hands was like a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon. Not a knife in the hands of a 5-year-old.” Source: Fox Sports

While I am sure Kyle’s lawyer thinks that Kyle had complete control of his vehicle, he most assuredly did not have full control of everything around him. What if a kid had wandered into the road, or, more likely, an animal? Would he have been able to avoid it? Would he have crashed and killed himself and his wife, who was in the car with him? There are so many what if’s that it is hard to tell what could have happened had he not passed those three police cars. Here’s hoping he keeps the speed down on the highways and other roads and stays on the track with those kinds of speeds. And, here’s hoping they put that judge in the courtroom when other celebrities get caught doing stuff, if this judge had handled the first Lindsay Lohan troubles, she might have already straightened up by now.

Jan 27 2011

New Points System, No Catch-can Man, Chase Change

Along with the pick a series rule change we posted about the other day, Nascar has announced some more changes, including the rumored new points system.

First off, they are making a change to the Chase for the Cup, the top ten drivers by points after the 26th race will continue to be in the chase, but position 11 and 12 will now go to the top two race winners in the top 20 points positions, so actually, the ones who win the most races in points positions 11-20. The top 10 chase drivers will still be seeded according to wins, while the 11th and 12th place chasers will stay in those positions. I think this is a good change; it will make it possible for someone who gets hot late to win several races and make the chase even if they were not in the top 12 in points.

They have simplified the points system for all of us loyal idiots I guess. Cup race winners will earn 43 points for the win, three bonus points for the victory and will earn at least 1 point for leading a lap. You can also get 1 point for leading the most laps, bringing the total possible maximum for a win to 48 points. All of the other drivers in finishing order will be separated by one-point increments, thus, the second-place finisher will earn 42 points, a third-place driver 41 points, up to the last place finisher who will earn 1 point. This will certainly make it easier to figure out, it will be interesting to see how it really affects the championship points this next season, and I am sure many will apply the previous rules to see if their driver would have fared differently under the older systems.

The qualifying order will now be set based upon slowest-to-fastest practice speeds. If bad weather cancels qualifying, the final starting lineup will be determined by practice speeds. The same rule book procedures will be used to determine eligibility to start a race. If weather cancels practice sessions, then the starting lineup will be set by points, per the rule book.

Cup teams now are allowed only five sets of tires for practice and qualifying instead of the six they were allowed to have and they must return four of those sets to Goodyear in order to get their race tires, and they may keep only one set of practice/qualifying tires.

The Cup series will be using the Closed Loop Fueling System that was introduced in the Truck Series, it combines a more efficient fueling system with the elimination of the catch-can man, teams will now use six, rather than seven, over-the-wall pit-crew members.

They are also continuing to change the look of the COT, trying to make it more appealing to the fans that think it should look like the actual manufacturer vehicle.

Jan 24 2011

Nascar Rule Changes for 2011

Nascar is making some new rule changes this year; here are the ones we know about so far.

The first one I’ll comment on is the one that will probably end up being called the Nationwide rule; each driver must check a box on their application this year that says which series they will be collecting points for. What does this mean? It means that someone who is racing full time in the cup series will not be able to win a Nationwide championship like Brad Keselowski did last year.

I think is a really good rule change, the Nationwide series used to be the proving ground for up and coming young drivers, this is where Dale Jr. was before he started racing the cup series, but the past few years, it’s been an extra race for the cup guys to get in some more practice on the current track. It was a big help to some, like Kevin Harvick, although it wasn’t as helpful when the cup series started using the COT and the cars were so different. From;

“The hope for this is … there is a level of focus and a level of exposure offered to younger drivers who have personalities that deserve to get attention and be developed along the way [in the Nationwide and Camping World Truck Series],” Helton said.

They are also discussing a change to the points system that would make it easier for us normal folks to understand I guess, I’d heard mentioned giving 43 points for first, all the way down to 1 point for last, from the same article linked to above;

“The main goal is to get one that’s just easier to understand and simpler, but you have to do that with credibility around the championship,” he said. “And we’re getting a lot of great input from the drivers about the tweaks that would go along with something like that, so it’s actually been fun to work on.”

Ya, I would imagine it’s pretty fun to work for Nascar.

Dec 06 2010

Webserver Crash

My LAST webserver crashed and I lost all of last seasons posts and instead of re-creating them, I think I’ll just post about it here and post about Johnson winning his fifth championship and then go on like it never happened. Sorry, if you are looking for a  post and can’t find it.

Jul 06 2009

Nascar Sucks Blog

I haven’t posted much to the blog lately, all the action has been on my Nascar Blog twitter account, as I have been wondering if I should even keep the site up. Nascar has threatened a lawsuit saying my site looks too much like theirs and that I am making money off of their trademark. While I’ve been thinking about it, I removed the ads and changed the theme, so that even their bonehead lawyers can tell the difference. But, I have noticed one thing, the negative comments have been coming in to other posts since I haven’t been posting, but, no positive ones. Here are some examples.

From Jeff Patterson:

I have been a diehard Nascar fan since network TV only showed a few of the biggest races, and that is a long time ago. But I am losing my enthusiasm for Nascar racing faster and faster every week. The biggest money and sponsorship goes to a namesake that can’t race his way out of a windtest tunnel, but can win a race at opportune times with the help of Nascar’s wisdom and timely debris calls. That applies to other highly publicized drivers that make good Nascar TV ratings. They are “hot” drivers that benefit from Nascars decisions to call a race. I am especially getting tired of green, white, checkers. I have an idea: lets have qualifying, take the top 20, and just run a green, white, checker. I, myself would find that much more exciting, and surely a lot of my time less wasted. There are still a lot of people out there who believe professional wrestling is REAL, and I think Nascar is banking on that mentality to hoodwink us all for the sake of fat TV contracts. As for me, you can call me a hater, but I call ‘em as I see ‘em. I am going back to my local dirt track, where the real races, and the real drivers DRIVE.

From Namon Jhonston:

NASCAR Sucks. Daytona 500 200 laps only called for rain. Now the 600. Drive damn it. Its a race. Safety, then go be a Nanny.

From Bette Mininger:

Nascar Officials:
I would like to know if Kyle Busch is going to get away with, deliberately, knocking Jeff Gordon out of the All Star 2009 race on May 16, 2009? I would call that dirty driving and deliberate, on his part. Something must be done about Kyle Busch! He seems to think that the end justifies the means. Well, I disagree, and his type of driving may get someone killed. I know that he is a good driver, but lately, he has been carrying it TOO far and to the limit! he drives as if he can do ANYTHING, just to get the win. I am not in favor of these tactics, when the majority of drivers, use more common sense and think of the consequences of their actions toward their fellow drivers. My only gratification, was that Tony Stewart came in and won the race. At least, Kyle Busch’s bullying did not pay off for him.
Please seriously, look into this.
Thank You,
Bette Mininger

From Jumbybird:

I agree, the whole bogity and digger nonsense has to go, Its kinda embarassing to say I love Nascar when this is what transpires on their telecast, and will somebody please tell Larry Mac to shut the heck up! OH GOD, the guy goes on and on and on, while the stuff he says make sense and is informative, THAT VOICE just goes on and on and you don’t have to explain everything, let the pictures and racing speak for them selves.
I have found a work around for them though… play your sound through your home theater system and lower the output of the center channel speaker all the way down…. that way you get the ambient sound and none of the chatter.

And now Nascar says that I can’t use the word Nascar? How in the heck am I supposed to talk about Nascar without using the word Nascar? I guess in their heavy handed way they are probably talking about the title of my website, but Nascar is what it’s about. Maybe I could just change the title to Nascar Sucks. There are many websites about stuff sucking, I wonder if they could sue me over that? I bet I could be on the first page of Google for Nascar sucks in no time.

Oh, and another thing, I wonder how many people, such as myself, went out and enjoyed the 4th of July instead of staying home and watching the Coke Zero 400? The ONE day I would rather Nascar race on a Sunday and they race on a national holiday when the kids expect to be out watching fireworks. What morons.

Jun 10 2009

Jeremy Mayfield Tested Positive for Meth

It has been revealed by ESPN the magazine that two sources of theirs has said that Jeremy Mayfield had tested positive for methamphetamine, otherwise known as meth, during his random drug test at Richmond International Raceway. Originally, Mayfield had told the onsite testing personnel that he had taken two doses of Claritin-D and had called later, on May 3rd, to let them know that he had also taken Adderall-XR that had been prescribed to him by his doctor for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

No one is allowed to say for sure whether he tested positive for meth as of yet because of the court filings, so it is unlikely that we will hear anything from Nascar or Mayfield on the subject for awhile. I myself have known people who have taken meth, a lot of meth, as it is addictive, and it certainly takes a tole on the body, had he been doing it for very long then you would’ve been able to tell just by looking at him. The people I have known end up with rotting teeth, sores on their faces and probably all kinds of other stuff they would never admit too. So, if Jeremy has taken it at all, I would say it wasn’t for very long or very much.

Adderall I have heard more about in the sports world, being an amphetamine, players are taking it to get an edge, I imagine it would be a big help to one driving a race car in circles for three hours as it would help with their concentration. In the ESPN article they offer this quote from a doctor at AEGIS,

On May 3, Mayfield talked with Dr. David Black of AEGIS to inform him of the Adderall-XR prescription. According to the lawsuit filed by Mayfield against NASCAR and AEGIS, Black “expressed doubt that someone of Mayfield’s age and experience legitimately needed to take Adderall.” Source: Sources: Meth triggered positive test

There was a story in Newsweek about Baseball players using the ADD diagnosis to avoid the amphetamine ban, which would allow them to take Adderall, Ritalin and other drugs, and that the number of players diagnosed in one year had jumped from 28 to 103.

As Major League Baseball begins to dig out from its steroids scandal, new kinds of performance-enhancing substances are sweeping big-league clubhouses: Ritalin, Adderall and other drugs designed to help with Attention-Deficit Disorder. According to records MLB officials turned over to congressional investigators as part of George Mitchell’s probe into steroid use in baseball, the number of players getting “therapeutic use exemptions” from baseball’s amphetamines ban jumped in one year from 28 to 103—which means that, suddenly, 7.6 percent of the 1,354 players on major-league rosters had been diagnosed with ADD. Source: Baseball’s Other Drug Problem

So, whether Mayfield is taking meth or not, I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing wasn’t happening here and in other sports as far as being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, Adderall definitely helps with concentration and gives you plenty of energy, hell, everybody could use some I bet, we are a nation that’s sleeping less and less so we can get things done. I could use a prescription myself, hehe, but, should athletes be allowed to use any kind of performance enhancing drug? I don’t think so.

Apr 14 2009

Joe Gibbs Spends $1,000 Per Gallon of Oil

Or, at least that’s what it comes out to when you figure how many gallons they use a year and how much they spend on R&D. In an article from the Wall Street Journal, you can see exactly how competitive Sprint Cup racing is becoming since Nascar has made all the cars exactly the same, they throw big money at something you really wouldn’t think would make as big of an increase as it does.

Joe Gibbs Racing, a team that owns three top-level Sprint Cup cars, has spent about $1 million a year over the past decade to perfect its motor oil. As a result, its engines have squeezed out an extra 10 horsepower, a roughly 2% increase that can be a serious advantage in Nascar races, where the typical margin of victory is about one second. $10 Million, Just for Motor Oil

The forced similarity of the cars is what’s making Nascar boring, if they could just give them some wiggle room and allow them to make the cars look like they are more stock, it would go a long way to making the racing more interesting. The biggest change that would help the racing every single week would be some controversy, some conflict, people saying how they feel and getting a little rough on the track. Now, I’m not talking about taking somebody out because you can’t beat them, I’m talking about if someone is holding you up, they should expect to at least get bumped out of the way, and if they can’t save it, they shouldn’t be racing upfront anyway. From a post on Twitter:

backedNthefence I miss Dale Earnhardt…more importantly I think NASCAR misses Dale Earnhardt.

I think all of racing misses Dale Earnhardt. I have always been a Jeff Gordon fan, I heard all the wonder boy jokes, all the homo jokes, everyone hated Gordon and Dale’s light hearted ribbing of Gordon was a big cause of it. And I miss Dale Earnhardt. When he was still alive and racing, Nascar was a lot more interesting, I missed his heyday, but I saw him spin quite a few people out to win a race. You may not like it, and you may really hate it when it’s your driver he spins out, but you have to admit, it was a lot more exciting. At least it seemed more exciting.

Am I remembering it too fondly you think? I know I like it when they go full out to win, taking a chance on running out of gas, bumping people out of the way, and I thought it was great when Carl Edwards hit the wall hard trying to pass Jimmie Johnson for the win. Raised my respect for Carl Edwards immensely. When Kevin Harvick was being restrained as he talked to Greg Biffle, ya that was good, would’ve been better had they started wrestling or something, but you can’t have everything.

Which brings up an idea, maybe they could introduce a little rassling promotion to the mix. Maybe they could add Mean Gene Okerlund as an announcer, “Jeff Gordon looks to get revenge on Kyle Busch today, predicts that at one point the Shrub will get mowed over.” “Kyle says bring it on Wonder bread.” Maybe they could even through in Kevin Harvick running across the hood of the 48 team car and tackling Jimmie Johnson mid-interview. “I think Kevin just told him to shove that hammer up his, wait a minute, Jeff Burton was just attacked from behind by Carl Edwards. “I can’t believe you would do me that way…ugh..” “Oh my god, Hammond just punched McReynolds in the mouth, told him to try to push him again.”

Okay, maybe that’s not what Nascar needs, but it sure needs something. Maybe they could offer bonuses for especially good bad behavior.

Mar 29 2009

A Pox on Digger

Okay, it may just be me, but, wasn’t Digger only mildly kind of funny the first hundred or so times? Now they are selling backgrounds for your phone for only $1.99. $1.99!! Let me tell you how to avoid that charge, pause your DVR on your favorite picture of digger, walk over to the TV set and take a picture with your phone and set it to your background. At Daytona, they actually played a Digger cartoon. I haven’t watched the pre-race since then, if the race starts at 1:00 pm on Fox, I tune in about half an hour later just in time for Gentleman, start your engines!

Fox would have the best coverage of Nascar if it wasn’t for all the extra cutsy crap, like Boogity, boogity, boogity, aw, shut up. I mute it whenever Larry McReynolds starts talking about DW synching up those seatbelts. I mean I love their coverage, Larry and DW’s insight into how the car’s run, and how they’ve run in the past is great, just get rid of Digger and the cutsy crap.

Oh, and as I tweeted earlier, the announcers like to hear themselves talk and act like they know exactly what’s going on, I don’t know how many times they’ve talked about drivers gaining positions when they are actually losing them, and today, Mike Joy answered the Aflac trivia question for us. The question was how many drivers had their first win at Martinsville, I believe, if not it was something similar, and Mike Joy says, “It’s a long list; there are 8 drivers on this list.” Duh huh!

Feb 12 2009

Late Nascar Rule Change

It looks like Nascar has decided to make a late rule change, for 2009, the last 20 laps will be a single file restart after a caution, previously it had been the last 10 laps. The lucky dog rule remains the same, the first car one lap down gets to go back on the lead lap after a caution, except for the final 10 laps.

“We just felt that for the cars that had earned their way up to the top during late stages of the race, it will give them a better opportunity to compete for the win,” Tharp said. “So instead of a single-file restart with 10 to go, that will now be with 20 laps to go. The beneficiary rule is still intact as it was; there is no beneficiary inside of 10 laps.” Source: NASCAR changes the rule on single-file restarts

Personally I like it, I think it makes sense as we have certainly seen lap cars get in the way of lead lap cars and allow the leader to get away from the field, thus knocking down the chances for competition among the lead lap cars. That certainly makes the end of some races less exciting, although, I don’t think it will affect too many races. What do you all think?

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