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Mar 04 2007

Montoya Spins Pruett, Wins Telcel-Motorola 200

I didn’t get to see the race, my boy was in the league championship basketball game, but, Juan Montoya won his first Nascar Busch series race in Mexico. Juan had the dominant car all day long, but ended up spinning out his teammate, Scott Pruett, to take the lead, after a bad pitstop mired them in 19th place. Juan fought his way back to 2nd before spinning Pruett out, who called it a low down and dirty move.

Pruett was clearly upset.

“Of all the people to take you out — your teammate,” Pruett said. “That was just lowdown, nasty, dirty driving.”

Hamlin, right behind the two Chip Ganassi Racing drivers at the time, said it was a tough call.

“I wouldn’t call it dirty driving, but it was a bit aggressive,” Hamlin said. “Juan had the fastest car and he would have taken the lead sooner or later. He was overzealous.” Source: Montoya spins Pruett, wins Mexico NBS race

Here are the top ten finishers:

1. Juan Montoya
2. Denny Hamlin
3. Boris Said
4. Carl Edwards
5. Scott Pruett
6. Jason Leffler
7. Jorge Goeters
8. Marcos Ambrose
9. Adrian Fernandez
10. Jon Wood

Oh, my boy’s team lost, but they beat the number 1 seed before losing in the championship game.

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