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Aug 24 2011

Kyle Busch Loses License After Speeding

Talk about a penalty, Kyle Busch has lost his license for 45 days after the May 24th speeding ticket when he was caught driving 128 mph in a 45 mph zone. Kyle was also fined $1,000, sentenced to 30 hours of community service and put on one year of unsupervised probation. He decided to contact Florida Ticket Firm for legal advice hoping for the best possible outcome in this case.


Not sure how often this happens, but Kyle was definitely not shown any favoritism as most celebrities are nowadays. His lawyer from Norris Injury Lawyers Alabama – personal injury lawyers – said that Kyle was not treated like a normal citizen.

Busch attorney Cliff Homesley argued that his client wasn’t being treated the same as other people in similar circumstances, citing a July case of a 21-year-old convicted felon who was caught doing 128 mph and received a $300 fine and no loss of license.

“In 25 years of practicing law I’ve never seen someone not being offered better than this,” Homesley argued before the court. “All I am asking is to treat Kyle Busch like any other citizen that appears before the court.”

Homesley, calling Busch one of the best drivers in the world, said: “He had full control of that vehicle at all times.

“That automobile in his hands was like a scalpel in the hands of a surgeon. Not a knife in the hands of a 5-year-old.” Source: Fox Sports

While I am sure Kyle’s lawyer thinks that Kyle had complete control of his vehicle, he most assuredly did not have full control of everything around him. What if a kid had wandered into the road, or, more likely, an animal? Would he have been able to avoid it? Would he have crashed and killed himself and his wife, who was in the car with him? There are so many what if’s that it is hard to tell what could have happened had he not passed those three police cars. Here’s hoping he keeps the speed down on the highways and other roads and stays on the track with those kinds of speeds. And, here’s hoping they put that judge in the courtroom when other celebrities get caught doing stuff, if this judge had handled the first Lindsay Lohan troubles, she might have already straightened up by now.

Jun 13 2011

Nascar Penalizes Kyle Busch and the 18 Team

No, this isn’t for the speeding incident that Kyle Busch had a few weeks ago, Nascar has penalized crew chief Dave Rogers $25,000, Kyle Busch 6 driver points and Joe Gibbs six owner points because of rule infractions discovered in a post race inspection this past Sunday.

The No. 18 car was found to be in violation of Sections 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing); 12-4-J (any determination by NASCAR officials that race equipment used in the event does not conform to NASCAR rules); and 20-12.8.1B (body height requirements — car failed to meet the minimum front car heights) of the 2011 NASCAR rule book. Source:NASCAR penalizes No. 18 team for Pocono issues

Anybody know why they chose six championship points?

May 25 2011

Busch Busted, But Not by NASCAR

Kyle Busch was pulled over for doing 128 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour area in North Carolina in a yellow Lexus sports car. He was cited for careless and reckless driving and speeding. Who wants to bet he was going faster than that right before they got him, 128 in a sports car? Come on…

Busch was cited for careless and reckless driving; deputies observed and clocked him running at 128 mph in a 45-mph zone on Tuesday afternoon.

Busch was driving on Perth Road between Troutman and Mooresville, N.C. The road, which runs parallel to Interstate 77, is rural, closely lined with trees and has few residences in the area. Source: From the Marbles

Kyle released this statement the same day:

“Today I received a traffic citation in Iredell County. I was test driving a new sports car and I got carried away. I went beyond the speed I should have been going on a public road. I apologize to the public, my fans, sponsors, and race teams for my lack of judgment. I take responsibility for my actions and I can assure you that something like this will never happen again. I thank the Iredell County Sheriff’s Department and all law enforcement for the hard work they do every day to protect the public and to enforce the laws in a fair and equitable manner.”

May 11 2011

Busch and Harvick Fined and Put on Probation

After their little “incidents” at Darlington this past weekend, Kevin Harvick and Kyle Busch have both been fined 25,000 and put on probation for the next four “points paying” races. I have heard that Kevin Harvick has decided to run this weekend’s truck race, so he could give some payback then and not violate his probation, will certainly make me more likely to watch the truck race.

Busch, driver of the No. 18 car, and Harvick, driver of the No. 29 car, have each been fined $25,000 and placed on NASCAR probation for the next four Sprint Cup Series championship points events until June 15 for violating Section 12-1 (actions detrimental to stock car racing — involved in an altercation on pit road after the conclusion of the race).

“These penalties are a result of what occurred on pit road after the race was over,” said Kerry Tharp, senior director for communications, competition. “They are about maintaining a safe environment on pit road.” Source: Harvick, Busch put on probation, fined $25,000

If you ask me, and no one has, Busch should have been penalized a lot more than Harvick, now I know Harvick stopped and jumped out of his car to discuss it with Busch, but Kyle pushed Harvick’s racecar and caused it to slam into the pit road wall. An action that could’ve seriously hurt someone or worse had they been standing where the car struck the wall. Dangerous.

I say Nascar should make a squared circle inside the oval, race track, and let these guys get their frustrations out in the ring, that will keep them from doing stuff like this more than any old fine would. Do you think Kyle would wreck Harvick on purpose if he knew he’d have to fight him after the race? I know that his older brother Kurt would’ve never gotten into it with Jimmy Spencer if he knew he’d have to fight him after the race. Think about it. Ratings would sky rocket. Heck, I’d pay extra money for that.

Jun 10 2009

Jeremy Mayfield Tested Positive for Meth

It has been revealed by ESPN the magazine that two sources of theirs has said that Jeremy Mayfield had tested positive for methamphetamine, otherwise known as meth, during his random drug test at Richmond International Raceway. Originally, Mayfield had told the onsite testing personnel that he had taken two doses of Claritin-D and had called later, on May 3rd, to let them know that he had also taken Adderall-XR that had been prescribed to him by his doctor for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or ADHD.

No one is allowed to say for sure whether he tested positive for meth as of yet because of the court filings, so it is unlikely that we will hear anything from Nascar or Mayfield on the subject for awhile. I myself have known people who have taken meth, a lot of meth, as it is addictive, and it certainly takes a tole on the body, had he been doing it for very long then you would’ve been able to tell just by looking at him. The people I have known end up with rotting teeth, sores on their faces and probably all kinds of other stuff they would never admit too. So, if Jeremy has taken it at all, I would say it wasn’t for very long or very much.

Adderall I have heard more about in the sports world, being an amphetamine, players are taking it to get an edge, I imagine it would be a big help to one driving a race car in circles for three hours as it would help with their concentration. In the ESPN article they offer this quote from a doctor at AEGIS,

On May 3, Mayfield talked with Dr. David Black of AEGIS to inform him of the Adderall-XR prescription. According to the lawsuit filed by Mayfield against NASCAR and AEGIS, Black “expressed doubt that someone of Mayfield’s age and experience legitimately needed to take Adderall.” Source: Sources: Meth triggered positive test

There was a story in Newsweek about Baseball players using the ADD diagnosis to avoid the amphetamine ban, which would allow them to take Adderall, Ritalin and other drugs, and that the number of players diagnosed in one year had jumped from 28 to 103.

As Major League Baseball begins to dig out from its steroids scandal, new kinds of performance-enhancing substances are sweeping big-league clubhouses: Ritalin, Adderall and other drugs designed to help with Attention-Deficit Disorder. According to records MLB officials turned over to congressional investigators as part of George Mitchell’s probe into steroid use in baseball, the number of players getting “therapeutic use exemptions” from baseball’s amphetamines ban jumped in one year from 28 to 103—which means that, suddenly, 7.6 percent of the 1,354 players on major-league rosters had been diagnosed with ADD. Source: Baseball’s Other Drug Problem

So, whether Mayfield is taking meth or not, I wouldn’t be surprised if the same thing wasn’t happening here and in other sports as far as being diagnosed with ADD or ADHD, Adderall definitely helps with concentration and gives you plenty of energy, hell, everybody could use some I bet, we are a nation that’s sleeping less and less so we can get things done. I could use a prescription myself, hehe, but, should athletes be allowed to use any kind of performance enhancing drug? I don’t think so.

Apr 22 2009

Earnhardt and Mears on Probation

Yesterday, Nascar announced that they have penalized Dale Earnhardt Jr and Casey Mears for their extra curricular activities after the Subway 500 Saturday night. Casey Mears caused Dale Earnhardt Jr. to spin out, there was definitely some contact, but, as you can see in the video below, Jr. was loose well before that. Still, Dale was upset with him and spun Casey out on the cool down lap, and Casey then drove around some cars to show Dale his displeasure with him.

Nascar has placed both of them on probation for six races beginning this weekend in Talladega, for violating Section 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock-car racing; hitting another competitor’s car after the race had concluded) of the 2009 NASCAR rule book. We know Dale won’t do anything there as he is always one of the top threats to win there and will certainly not want to take any chances on being removed from the race.

Oct 06 2008

Nascar’s Official Statement About the Finish at Talladega

At Sunday’s drivers’ meeting, NASCAR reiterated the rule about passing under the yellow line and provided the same information to all drivers and crew chiefs in a hand out, as it has done in past Daytona and Talladega races.

The verbatim language is …

This is your warning: race above the yellow line. If, in NASCAR’s judgment, you go below the yellow line to improve your position, you will be black-flagged. If in NASCAR’s judgment you force someone below the yellow line (in an effort to stop him from passing you), you may be black-flagged.

“During the last lap of [Sunday's] race at Talladega Superspeedway the driver of the No. 01 violated NASCAR policy by driving under the yellow line to improve his position,” NASCAR president Mike Helton said. “In NASCAR’s opinion he was not forced below the yellow line. NASCAR correctly took immediate action to enforce the policy by penalizing the No. 01 and scoring the No. 20 as the race winner.

Helton concluded by saying …

“Since the end of the race there has been some confusion as to what is allowable during the last lap at Daytona and Talladega. To be clear, as we go forward, there will be no passing under the yellow line at any time during NASCAR races at Daytona or Talladega, period. This includes any passing below the yellow line near the start/finish line on the final lap.”

Source: NASCAR statement on 01′s pass below the yellow line

Sep 25 2007

Carl Edwards Fined 25 Championship Points

Nascar passed the ruling down today over the failed inspection of Carl Edwards #99 car, they fined Carl 25 driver championship points, the crew chief was fined $25,000 and 25 owner points were taken from Roush Fenway Racing. This is similar to the penalties suffered by Johnny Sauter and Kyle Busch in New Hampshire when their cars failed to meet the minimum height requirements.

Carl Edwards says he thinks that it probably happened when Greg Biffle gave him a couple good love taps after the race as congratulations. He said there were some braces bent under the deck lid and hopefully that is all it was. If that is the case, I get the feeling there will be a lot less love taps going on after the races from now on, if you can get fined for stuff that happens after the race, then those activities will stop very quickly I’m guessing.

The No. 99 Ford driven by Edwards was found to be too low in the right rear area, which violated Sections 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing); 12-4-Q (car, car parts, components and/or equipment not conforming to NASCAR rules); and 20-12.8.1C (failed to meet minimum rear car heights) of NASCAR Car of Tomorrow Technical Bulletin No. 3, dated April 10, 2007.

In addition, those infractions have resulted in a $25,000 fine for Edwards’ crew chief Bob Osborne, plus a penalty of 25 car owner championship points for Roush Fenway Racing. Osborne also has been placed on probation until Dec. 31. Source: Edwards dinged 25 points in wake of Dover infraction

From what I have heard, the right rear being too low would actually slow the car down and not help it as they want the right rear to be higher, but I’m no mechanic and had not heard that before, so, take that with a grain of salt.

Here are the championship points standings after the penalty:

1. Jeff Gordon 5,340
2. Tony Stewart 5,338
3. Jimmie Johnson 5,336
4. Kyle Busch 5,330
5. Clint Bowyer 5,322
6. Carl Edwards 5,312
7. Martin Truex Jr. 5,294
8. Jeff Burton 5,265
9. Kevin Harvick 5,225
10. Matt Kenseth 5,224
11. Kurt Busch 5,189
12. Denny Hamlin 5,182

Jul 31 2007

Tony Stewart Fined for Bad Language

If you watched the race at Indianapolis this past weekend and heard Tony Stewart’s victory interview, then you probably heard him say a mild cuss word. Well, looks like Nascar still doesn’t like cussing on TV as they have fined Tony Stewart 25 driver points and $25,000 and Joe Gibbs has been fined 25 car owner points. He is still in the fifth position with 2599 points.

Stewart violated Section 12-4-A of the series rule book (actions detrimental to stock car racing) by using the inappropriate language.

Jun 27 2007

Nascar Inconsistent on Penalties Once Again

Yesterday, Ted Musgrave was told he is suspended from this week’s race at Memphis, docked him 50 driver championship points, fined him $10,000 and placed him on probation until Dec. 31, 2007. Bob Germain, listed owner of the No. 9, was docked 50 owner’s points. Musgrave was found to be in violation of Section 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing; hitting another competitor’s truck during a caution period) of the 2007 NASCAR rule book. Lets see, this sounds awfully familiar for some reason, oh ya, Kurt Busch was in violation of the same rule at Dover. Busch was penalized 100 championship driver points, fined $100,000 and placed on NASCAR probation until Dec. 31, 2007, for violating Section 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing — reckless driving; endangering a crew member on pit road) of the 2007 NASCAR rule book.

See that? Musgrave slams another truck on the track under caution, where only he and the other drivers are in danger, unless, I guess, they were around some track workers. Kurt Busch could’ve run over a pit crew member from Tony Stewart’s team, but he doesn’t have to sit out a race.

Does something like this happen because of sponsorship money? I couldn’t even tell you who Musgraves sponsor is, while we all know that Kurt drives the #2 Miller Lite car. Could this be because of car owners? Roger Penske is a big name in racing, and even when Robin Pemberton was quoted in an article on, he was in contact with Penske officials all week. Why does he need to talk to them to decide how Kurt should be penalized? The owner of the #9 truck driven by Musgrave is Bob Germain, not sure if he is a big wig in racing or not, but I never heard of him. Musgrave even had a plausible excuse after the incident, saying he could barely steer the truck, Kurt Busch said what he did was wrong and did not deny it.

So what’s up Nascar? I want to know how this is fair, how you all are being fair and why do we have so much difference’s in penalties?

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