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Jul 10 2009

Autism Speaks 400 2009 Videos

Here are videos from the Autism Speaks 400 from Dover International Speedway.

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Jul 10 2009

Coco-Cola 600 2009 Videos

Posting some stuff I haven’t had a chance to post, here are videos from the Coca-Cola 600 from Charlotte Motor Speedway.

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May 25 2009

2009 All Star Race Videos

Here are the videos from the All Star Showdown and the All Star race from Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte. This one I’m sure will be popular.

May 24 2009

Southern 500 Videos

Here are the uploaded videos covering the Southern 500 from Darlington.

May 17 2009

Lack of Cautions at Darlington

Sorry for the late postings, little league has been keeping me busy.

Was it just me and my friends who watched the Darlington race that thought that Nascar was throwing the caution flags a lot differently than normal? How many times did we see a car hit the wall, that at any other race would’ve immediately called for the caution flag, and keep on going without Nascar throwing the flag? The only reason they wound up throwing so many was because of debris or the cars that hit the wall were wrecking of had tires coming apart.

It was obvious to us that they definitely were calling the race differently and I believe the announcers and even some of the drivers were wondering what was going on. If Nascar is going to have different rules for different tracks, they should probably let everyone know before hand, I know I would appreciate it. I will try to find some videos and post them below when I do.

May 08 2009

Nascar Videos from Richmond 2009

Here are all of the uploaded videos from the Crown Royal presents the Russ Friedman 400 and the Lipton Tea 250 at Richmond International Raceway.

Apr 27 2009

Aarons 499 Videos

Here are some of the uploaded videos from the spring running of the Aarons 499 at Talladega Superspeedway.

Apr 27 2009

Another 1st Time Winner at Talladega

As I said on Twitter yesterday, you either have a good day or a bad day at Talladega, and Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin and others were involved in a big early wreck Sunday, bringing an early end to many drivers day. Check out the video:

This, of course, is one of the reasons that there are many first time winners at Talladega, and Brad Keselowski has joined that list. When the big one happens, there are always drivers who are favorites to win the race that get put out, Jeff Gordon, Mark Martin, Kevin Harvick and others, allowing the drivers who don’t win as much, a shot at the title. The very first race at Talladega, Richard Petty and other didn’t think the tires could take the track and wanted to skip that race and Nascar let them allowing Richard Brickhouse to get the win.

Here is a shot of the other big one from Talladega Sunday.

Of course we can’t forget the big finish in which Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski drove past Ryan Newman and Dale Earnhardt Jr. to take first and second. Brad tried to go high, Carl blocked, he went low and got the position on him and he tried to block him again, spinning Edwards, who then flipped over the hood of Ryan Newman sending him flying into the safety fence where 7 or 8 fans were injured. I really hate the fact that anyone got hurt, but it was one heck of a finish. Carl Edwards climbed out of his car and jogged across the finish line ala Talladega Nights.

Nascar is thinking about passing out penalties for aggressive driving and blocking after Sunday’s events, saying, “We might have to start making some judgment calls of our own and issue penalties for drivers who blatantly block and abuse the bump drafting. We’re going to take whatever measures we need to in order to ensure the races are as safe as possible for everyone.” I wouldn’t mind seeing them try to do something about the blocking, but, aggressive driving is an exciting part of Nascar.

Just when you think Nascar is getting boring and predictable, you get an exciting race such as this one.
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Apr 26 2009

Matt Kenseth’s Wreck in Talladega

Here’s the video from the Matt Kenseth crash in the Aaron’s 312 at Talladega Super speedway.

And here’s a video that was uploaded of some of the best crashes and wrecks at Talladega motor speedway.

Apr 05 2009

Martinsville Nascar Videos

Here are the uploaded videos from the latest race in Martinsville, the 2009 Goody’s Fast Relief 500.

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