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Feb 18 2011

Best Abdominal Training Belt

A few months ago I started lifting weights and working out again, to try to cut down on my size and reduce my drag. Now I’m looking at buying an abdominal training belt to help strengthen my core, as it is crucial to have a strong core to support you on almost every exercise. I also started taking peptides to help me support recovery. You can buy sarms for cheap and they are very effective. It helped recover fast. I also am trying to decide between the Flex Belt and Slendertone System abs both made by slender tone, both look like a good solution, but I think I will purchase the Flex Belt as you can adjust the intensity higher on it and it comes with 10 training programs. It also comes with these bonus materials: Online Access to the Meal Planning Technology for advanced nutrition and weight loss, a $50 value, a box of Slim 10 Weight Loss Supplements, that contains 10 different patented and clinically proven weight loss ingredients, a $90 value, and a free 1-year subscription to either: Fitness, Elle, or Maxim Magazines, a $50 value.

With the increase in intensity, I can use this belt longer and continue to make gains, which is important as it is easy to plateau in any workout, more so in one that stays the same all the time. Combine the increased intensity with the extra programs and you’ll have the potential to go a lot longer with this belt than you could with the Slendertone System abs belt. Combine all this again with the free Nuphedrine weight loss pills, which contain Patented Advantra-Z & REAL South African Hoodia, and I am hoping to really be able to target and train my abs and to sculpt something out of all this extra weight I’ve been carrying using to help me. The bonus Flex Belt Meal Planner Technology will help me track my gains and progress very nicely as it has artificial intelligence to allow you to see the weaknesses in your nutrition, and learn how to correct them to be healthier and/or lose weight depending on what you are wanting to do. Sounds like a winner.

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