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May 10 2007

Dale Jr. Announces He’s Leaving DEI

Dale Jr announces he's leaving DEI
Looks like he has made the big announcement, Dale Earnhardt Jr. is leaving DEI. Jr did not say which teams he was looking at, however, he did say it’s not about the money, its about being able to do what he wants on the racetrack, so, to me, sounds like he needs Hendrick Motorsports, hehe. He is going to see what offers comes in and go from there, he did not want to narrow it down to anything in particular without hearing everything that is out there, and he said he didn’t think one team would blow any other out of the water. Here are some quotes from the press conference, still looking for some video. Added: A short video has been posted at of just his announcement, here on the 50 newest page, it is the first video listed, none of the follow up questions have been added yet.

“I’ll be happy with whatever decision we make. It would be awesome to continue driving the No. 8 but those numbers are owned by the car owners and I’m sure Teresa would love to keep that number at DEI.”

“This decision was based solely on my driving career not my personal thoughts on DEI. We still want that company to succeed.”

“I think Max and Teresa worked really hard at something and I think myself and Kelly worked really hard but I don’t think we were even close.”

“My father’s vision…if he was still here I think we would be in a different place right now.”

“I think DEI can be a successful race team. It may not be the exact thing my father wanted but it can still be successful.” Source: Earnhardt Jr. to leave DEI after 2007 season

I foresee lots of speculation, guessing and rumors until he does decide. He said Martin Truex Jr. could stay at DEI or leave, he would support him in either direction. He stressed a few times that he wants DEI to do well, DEI is important to him, he doesn’t want to see what his father built go away, and he even mentioned something about 20 years in the future they might be able to come together, I’m assuming when Teresa is gone. It is clear to me that he would definitely go in a different direction with DEI, wonder which way he will go now?

May 09 2007

Is Earnhardt Jr Thinking About Hendrick Motorsports

I have said before I think Hendrick should go after Earnhardt Jr., but I never really thought I would see it, might still not, as this is just hearsay right now, but the Winston-Salem Journal is reporting that “men familiar with the negotiations”, we all know these guys right, they are always in the know, say Dale Jr. is only thinking about driving for two teams, and one of them is Hendrick Motorsports. Yes, that’s right, Hendrick Motorsports.

The efforts to sign Dale Earnhardt Jr. to a NASCAR driving contract for 2008 and beyond has reached a critical point, and the top two teams on Earnhardt’s list are the Chevrolet teams owned by Richard Childress and Rick Hendrick, according to men familiar with the negotiations.

Earnhardt today is leaning toward a deal with Hendrick, largely because of Hendrick’s very strong engine program, sources here said yesterday.

Earnhardt and veteran crew chief Tony Eury Jr., his cousin and close confidante as well as the man who has led him to many of his 17 Cup victories, have talked with both the Hendrick and Childress camps in recent weeks about the positives and negatives each team owner would have to offer, sources said yesterday. And Eury will have a major voice in the decision, because Earnhardt’s primary goal now, at age 32, is to win a championship.

Yesterday, when asked directly, “Will you be driving for Richard Childress next season?” Earnhardt just smiled and walked away. His future? “Just have to wait and see,” he said. Source: Earnhardt leans toward Hendrick

Over on the AOL Sports Blog, a commenter said he listened to a radio show on Sirius radio and General Manager Marshall Carlson had this to say,

UPDATE: Hendrick Motorsports General Manager Marshall Carlson told Sirius NASCAR Radio’s Sirius Speedway Tuesday that his team is fully stocked with drivers for 2008 and beyond, and that he has not spoken with Dale Earnhardt, Jr., about the possibility of joining the Hendrick stable. “We have four outstanding drivers in Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson, Kyle Busch and Casey Mears, ***and all of them are signed to long-term contracts***,” he said. “Dale Earnhardt, Jr., is obviously a very talented driver, but all of our seats are filled.” Asked by host Dave Moody if that meant Hendrick would not be interested in Earnhardt under any circumstances, Carlson said, “I never say `never’ in this business. Again, Dale is a very talented driver that any team would be interested in having in one of their cars. But we are extremely satisfied with our four driver/team combinations, and we have contracts in place for all our key players.”(Sirius NASCAR Radio’s Sirius Speedway)(5-9-2007) Source: Junior and Jeffy Batting for Same Team in 2008 and Beyond?

I think it’s obvious that writer doesn’t like Gordon, but I’ve been wrong before. I think it would be a good choice for Earnhardt, I also think that even if Hendrick kept all four drivers, they could find a spot for him, even if they had to break off Johnson and combine him and Earnhardt under Gordon as car owner. Then Hendrick could have two teams, although unofficially, and could accommodate all the drivers, and maybe even bring Truex with him, two teams of three sounds good, what do you all think?

They have updated the AOL sports blog to say that Dave Moody has said something about Dale taking Martin Truex Jr. to JR Motorsports and is making a two car team. He says an announcement will be made from JR Motorsports at 11am in the morning. I guess we shall see then.

Feb 08 2007

Dale Jr Says Give me Majority Ownership

Dale Earnhardt Jr car
During a press conference today, Dale Earnhardt Jr says he wants majority ownership of [tag]DEI[/tag]. Does anyone really think that Teresa Earnhardt will really give Dale Jr majority ownership in Dale Earnhardt Incorporated? Is this the same as saying I’m out?

During Thursday’s media day at Daytona International Speedway, when asked about his ongoing contract negotiations with Dale Earnhardt Inc., Junior suddenly blurted out that he wants majority ownership of the team founded by his father, promptly got up from his seat and walked away without further comment.

“The main factor is the ownership part,” Junior said. “It has nothing to do with money and nothing else really. I would really like my team, I like how things are going. … The motors are improving, everything is on an upswing. My father has been gone for almost six years now, I want majority ownership.” Source: ‘Majority ownership’ bottom line for Junior

This is probably a good move by Jr, get everyone thinking about a big price tag, this way, he can get even more money if he jumps ship and goes somewhere else. If I was Jeff Gordon or his owner, Rick Hendrick, I would be putting a bug in Jr’s ear right now, how cool would it be to have a couple of the hottest Nascar drivers driving for you…

Feb 01 2007

Great New Nascar Racing and Crash Videos Uploaded

Well, not all of them are new, lots are from last year, all the way back into the 90′s, includng Dale Jr’s first win, Dale Sr’s last win and his last race. Here are some playlists we have recently created, they will be a lot bigger when we get done tagging all of the latest videos. Enjoy.

Nascar Crash Videos
Dale Earnhardt Jr Videos
Dale Earnhardt Sr Videos
Jeff Gordon Videos
Tony Stewart Videos

Here is a great one of Dale Earnhardt Sr finally winning his first Daytone 500.

Oct 08 2006

Brian Vickers Wins UAW-Ford 500

Brian Vickers Wins UAW-Ford 500
Brian Vickers wins the UAW-Ford 500 at Talladega today, but, his first win was not without controversy. On the final lap, he was bump drafting with Jimmie Johnson, Johnson dives down to pass Dale Jr, who momentarily tries to block him, Vickers drops down and spins Jimmie Johnson, whose car then collects Earnhardt and both spin, allowing the No. 25 car to pass them. The caution comes out, and depending on when you call it, could’ve ended with Kasey Kahne and Kurt Busch passing him, but, NASCAR called Brian Vickers the winner. In victory circle, Vickers said Johnson had to swerve because Jr was blocking him and that is what caused the accident. Johnson didn’t swerve, but it did slow him up a hair, putting Vickers nose up past Johnson when he came down to pass Earnhardt. I don’t think it was on purpose, but it was unfortunate for Earnhardt and Johnson, who was upset over the incident.

“It’s absolutely uncalled for, completely out of line,” Johnson said. “I’m racing for a championship, OK? The only way to win [the race] was to crash us both.

“I don’t think he meant to do it, but he did it. He shouldn’t even think about putting any of us in that situation. It’s ridiculous.”

Chad Knaus was equally as upset, but a little harsher in his assessment of the situation.

“It wasn’t bad judgment, it was lack of talent,” Knaus said. “I just don’t think he has the talent to understand what he has underneath him.”

Dale Jr said he thought Brian didn’t do it on purpose, and was just excited to be racing for the win, since he has been winless so far. That’s just racing, he said. I agree, he was helping Johnson pass Earnhardt by bump drafting and when Jr tried to block him, Johnson had slow up a hair and Vickers of course came down to pass Jr and hit Jimmie, spinning him out.

Jeff Gordon ended up being in the big wreck that always seems to happen at these restrictor plate races, and complained about all of the hard bump drafting going on during the race. The NASCAR reporter asking him the questions jumped all over that as they had been listening to him complain about Earnhardt bump drafting on his radio. He was reluctant to reply, as everyone would love a good Earnhardt/Gordon rivalry again, and said he liked racing Jr but he was definitely bumping him hard. Later on during the race, Earnhardt, who probably heard what Jeff and the reporter had talked about, asked NASCAR if what he was doing was okay. NASCAR said no, and he said, okay, NASCAR, okay.

Here are the points standings for the ten in the Chase for the Cup:

1. — Jeff Burton Leader
2. +2 Matt Kenseth -6
3. — Mark Martin -10
4. +1 Kevin Harvick -33
5. -3 Denny Hamlin -51
6. +1 D. Earnhardt Jr. -106
7. -1 Jeff Gordon -147
8. — Jimmie Johnson -156
9. +1 Kasey Kahne -185
10. -1 Kyle Busch -185

Sep 25 2006

Second Chase for the Cup Race: Dover

Jeff Burton wins at Dover. You know, I’m happy he won, Jeff Burton is a real good guy and I’ve always liked him, or at least I don’t dislike him, but he’s hurting my race team! He needs to have a bad day so I can sew this thing up, he’s making it a lot closer for me than it needs to be, hehe.

Kevin Harvick had a failure, the first in a long time, and a bad time it is, Kasey Kahne had a bad day was well, Kyle Busch says he is out, and some may be counting out Jimmie Johnson. While I don’t think it’s a good idea to say they are out for sure just yet, the deeper the hole gets the harder it is to win it.

Jeff Gordon finishes third and is now second in points, just six behind Jeff Burton! Hooty Hoooo! Talk about a great time to get hot, just like Kurt Busch did the first year of the chase, when Gordon actually finished with more points, if you still counted by the old points system. Here are the points standings after Dover:

1 +4 Jeff Burton 5351 Leader
2 +2 Jeff Gordon 5345 -6
3 — Matt Kenseth 5333 -18
4 -2 Denny Hamlin* 5333 -18
5 -4 Kevin Harvick 5297 -54
6 — Mark Martin 5276 -75
7 — Dale Earnhardt Jr. 5249 -102
8 +1 Jimmie Johnson 5215 -136
9 -1 Kasey Kahne 5169 -182
10 — Kyle Busch 5127 -224

Next week is Kansas, where Gordon has an average finish of sixth, the closest driver who is in the chase is Jimmie Johnson with an average finish of 13.8. Gordon has three top fives and four top tens there, so I’m just hoping for your usual Gordon finish at Kansas.

Jimmie Johnson’s goal this weekend?

“Our goal this weekend [at Kansas] is to win practice, win the pole and win the race. Not necessarily in that order.”

Sounds like a good goal, lets hope he doesn’t get it!

Just saw this article on about Jr and his disapointing finish Sunday, he had this to say,

“It’s another frustrating day, but what can you do?” Earnhardt said. “The car was good early on in the high line. I could really get a run on a lot of guys running up top, but we were never worth a damn in the low groove.

“The nose would push, push, push all day and it got worse and worse as the race went on. We struggled a little bit [so] we’re lucky we finished 21st.”

He finished by saying we are only 100 points out and have eight races to go, thats plenty of time. I agree, anything can and will happen in Nascar, all it takes is for the right wreck to collect the wrong people. If you are an Earnhardt fan, it’s a good read.

Sep 14 2006

TV Execs Glad Earnhardt, Gordon in Chase

A year ago when Jeff Gordon and Dale Jr failed to make the chase, lots of people were disapointed. Gordon finished outside the top 10 for the first time since he was a rookie. From the Charlotte Observer,

Not that Gordon particularly enjoyed finishing out of the top 10 for the first time since he was a rookie in 1993, but he said he got a little chuckle out of the teeth-gnashing that went on.

“Popularity is a funny thing,” Gordon said. “I watched the Chase last year and it was very exciting. It came down to great drivers and guys who were capable of being tremendously popular and great champions in our sport.

“It’s interesting how people feel it’s not as exciting or draws more attention if Dale Jr. or myself aren’t in there. I just don’t know how I really feel about that.”

I know how I felt, I wasn’t as interested in the Chase, and ended up just watching the races to see if Gordon would win. I really don’t have a second favorite driver, Dale Jr is okay, Eliot Sadler is okay, Johnson is okay, but I just can’t root for them for some reason. Maybe if all the Jr fans didn’t hate Gordon, I might be able to, but I doubt that is ever going to happen.

“I think it would be very exciting if Junior and I were battling,” Gordon said. “When we go places like Talladega and we’re battling for the win, you see the people standing.

“If I win they throw things at me. If he wins, they all cheer.”

I love it when Gordon sets them down. Who would’ve thought a little guy like Gordon would be the bad guy, must’ve just been a feeling I got when I first started watching Nascar, hehe.

Tony Stewart — last year’s champion who has a substantial fan base — dropped out of the top 10 in the final qualifying race Saturday at Richmond, Va.

It would be better, from at least a marketing viewpoint, to have him around for the final 10, too.

But if you injected NASCAR and television executives with truth serum, they’d cough up the admission that two out of three ain’t bad, especially the two they have.

You know they want the fan favorite, Jr, and they have to have someone everyone will boo, like Gordon. Like they say, if the fans are quiet, you’re in trouble.

Sep 13 2006

Miller Lite Would’ve Lost Their Challenge

At the beggining of the season, Miller Lite issued a challenge to Budweiser, they bet [tag]Budweiser[/tag] that [tag]Miller Lite[/tag] driver Kurt Busch will finish ahead of Budweiser driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the final 2006 Nextel Cup Series point standings. The losing sponsor must change the paint scheme on its car to match the winning brand’s car for one Nextel Cup Series points-paying race next year.

Budweiser and Dale Jr kinda laughed at the challenge, seeing it as a marketing attempt by Miller Lite, Dale doesn’t need a rival, he’s the fan favorite as it is, so why take the chance. Too bad Budweiser didn’t accept the challenge, I can see Kurt driving a Bud Lite car right now.

May 06 2006

Jr Wins in Richmond

Fan favorite Dale Earnhardt Jr wins in Richmond, while Gordon finishes a lousy 40th place. Ah well, can’t win em all.

Feb 17 2006

Miller Challenges Budweiser

Miller Brewing Company is kicking off a new era in its 35-year history of motorsports sponsorship by boldly declaring its confidence in Kurt Busch’s ability to drive the No. 2 Dodge to Victory Lane.

Miller’s chief marketing officer Tom Long on Friday sent a letter to Anheuser-Busch vice president of brand management Marlene Coulis, betting the beer-market leader that Miller Lite driver Kurt Busch will finish ahead of Budweiser driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. in the final 2006 Nextel Cup Series point standings.

The terms of the friendly wager: The losing sponsor must change the paint scheme on its car to match the winning brand’s car for one Nextel Cup Series points-paying race next year.

Budweiser has until the start of Sunday’s season-opening race to accept the Miller challenge.

Kick his ass Jr.

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