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Jun 24 2007

Sorry Broadcast on TNT

Boy I tell you, the state of Nascar broadcasts nowadays just sucks.

Today‚Äôs race is just a shining example, if you ask me, of how sorry the television broadcasts of Nascar races are today. TNT is so desperate, they are bothering poor Kyle Petty during the whole race asking him what’s going on. Which brings us to our first example of poor television, although it was pretty funny on our end. When Matt Kenseth ducked to the inside of Kyle Petty and Kyle turned into Matt causing them and another car, don’t recall the number right now, to spin. They come back after a commercial, I believe, and some more coverage and then they show Kyle Petty’s in-car cam. Surely someone watched it before they showed it right? They just assume it has a good shot or what? But, much to Kyle’s embarrassment I’m sure, they run the replay from the in-car cam and it catch’s Kyle saying, “What the f*ck was that?”. This was followed by quite a few moments of silence and no one commented on it at the time.

Everybody knows they do the call of the race, right? Well, they did the call of the race with 10 laps to go, and Weber gave his to Robby Gordon for running good all day. What? How can you have a call of the race before the race is over and how can you give it to a guy who did run up front a lot at the beginning, but didn’t in it? I don’t understand that one.

Lastly, they did not show the finishing order at the end of the race! How can you not show the finishing order of the race we just spent 3 or more hours watching? All I saw was 1 and 2 on the screen, they interviewed Jeff Burton so we know he finished third and they interviewed Jeff Gordon who finished 7th. Come on, how can they drop the ball like that? They did show us the points standings at the end, but what good is that without knowing how they finished the race? I guess I’ll wander over to and see for myself how they finished.

I tell you, makes me want to start my own radio show that only airs during the race, so people can turn it up and listen to us comment on the race instead of the normal commentators. We could even make fun of them during the race.

Damn, that sounds like fun.

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