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Aug 28 2006

Matt Kenseth Wins the Sharpie 500 at Bristol

Matt Kenseth wins his fourth race of the year at the famous Bristol night race, the Sharpie 500. Talk about building momentum for the chase, Kenseth is on fire and looks like the guy to beat, but, that’s why they actually run the races, if it was that predictable, it wouldn’t be any fun to watch.

Here’s the top 5:

1 17 Matt Kenseth
2 5 Kyle Busch
3 8 Dale Earnhardt Jr.
4 10 Scott Riggs
5 24 Jeff Gordon

Apparently there was some controversy over the penalty that Mark Martin got for pitting outside the box, during the race they showed Jeff Gordon pitting and he was outside the box some, but the difference was Martin’s wheels were over the line, while Jeff Gordon’s were not, only the tail end of his car was hanging over. Check out the pics on this page to see for yourself.

This is a funny quote from Kyle Busch,

NASCAR needs a driver to embrace the “black hat” role, and Kyle Busch is just the guy. After he finished second to Matt Kenseth, the Shrub said, “I wish we could have gotten to Kenseth. That would have been a heck of a show. I’ve got plenty of door dings out there and I’m not sure I could have done it clean.”

A great sound bite … until he added: “So I’m probably glad I didn’t get there, really.”

I agree, what Nascar needs is one of those guys you just know is guilty by looking at him, one who would just give you that Snidely Whiplash laugh and walk away. There’s too many whiners and not enough haters, hehe.

You have to give the TV crew credit, they try to stir some controversy on every show, this time asking Jeff Gordon and Scott Riggs what their little discussion was about at the end of the race. Gordon said he was just trying to tell him to be patient and consistent to pass, while Riggs said he was just congratulating Gordon on the good finish. ;)

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Aug 20 2006

Matt Kenseth takes Chicago

Matt Kenseth wins the GFS Marketplace 400 in Chicago, with Jeff Gordon finishing second. This was Kenseths third win of the season, 13th for his career.

Here are the top 5:

1 17 Matt Kenseth
2 24 Jeff Gordon
3 20 Tony Stewart
4 9 Kasey Kahne
5 6 Mark Martin

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