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Oct 18 2008

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Sep 13 2006

Nascar Buys Cascar

Nascar has purchased the Association for Stock Car Racing, CASCAR, and is relaunching it next year as the NASCAR Canadian Tire Series.

The NASCAR Canadian Tire Series involves a multiyear sponsorship from Canadian Tire and will kick off in May 2007. The 10- to 12-race schedule will run from May to October.

The series will use drivers and teams from the former CASCAR Series. NASCAR said the official schedule, points fund and tracks would be announced at a later date.

Tony Novotny founded the CASCAR Series, the first major stock car sanctioning body in Canada, in 1981. He has run the organization with his wife, Linda, for 25 years.

Nascar has lots of fans in Canada, in fact the article says almost six million fans, which means 1 in every 4 Canadians is a Nascar fan. so this makes perfect sense, plus, they are planning on a Busch series race in Canada next year and I can see lots of opportunities for crossover with the truck series, Busch and even Nextel. Hey, those outside the top 43 gotta drive somewhere.

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