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Jul 06 2009

Nascar Sucks Blog

I haven’t posted much to the blog lately, all the action has been on my Nascar Blog twitter account, as I have been wondering if I should even keep the site up. Nascar has threatened a lawsuit saying my site looks too much like theirs and that I am making money off of their trademark. While I’ve been thinking about it, I removed the ads and changed the theme, so that even their bonehead lawyers can tell the difference. But, I have noticed one thing, the negative comments have been coming in to other posts since I haven’t been posting, but, no positive ones. Here are some examples.

From Jeff Patterson:

I have been a diehard Nascar fan since network TV only showed a few of the biggest races, and that is a long time ago. But I am losing my enthusiasm for Nascar racing faster and faster every week. The biggest money and sponsorship goes to a namesake that can’t race his way out of a windtest tunnel, but can win a race at opportune times with the help of Nascar’s wisdom and timely debris calls. That applies to other highly publicized drivers that make good Nascar TV ratings. They are “hot” drivers that benefit from Nascars decisions to call a race. I am especially getting tired of green, white, checkers. I have an idea: lets have qualifying, take the top 20, and just run a green, white, checker. I, myself would find that much more exciting, and surely a lot of my time less wasted. There are still a lot of people out there who believe professional wrestling is REAL, and I think Nascar is banking on that mentality to hoodwink us all for the sake of fat TV contracts. As for me, you can call me a hater, but I call ‘em as I see ‘em. I am going back to my local dirt track, where the real races, and the real drivers DRIVE.

From Namon Jhonston:

NASCAR Sucks. Daytona 500 200 laps only called for rain. Now the 600. Drive damn it. Its a race. Safety, then go be a Nanny.

From Bette Mininger:

Nascar Officials:
I would like to know if Kyle Busch is going to get away with, deliberately, knocking Jeff Gordon out of the All Star 2009 race on May 16, 2009? I would call that dirty driving and deliberate, on his part. Something must be done about Kyle Busch! He seems to think that the end justifies the means. Well, I disagree, and his type of driving may get someone killed. I know that he is a good driver, but lately, he has been carrying it TOO far and to the limit! he drives as if he can do ANYTHING, just to get the win. I am not in favor of these tactics, when the majority of drivers, use more common sense and think of the consequences of their actions toward their fellow drivers. My only gratification, was that Tony Stewart came in and won the race. At least, Kyle Busch’s bullying did not pay off for him.
Please seriously, look into this.
Thank You,
Bette Mininger

From Jumbybird:

I agree, the whole bogity and digger nonsense has to go, Its kinda embarassing to say I love Nascar when this is what transpires on their telecast, and will somebody please tell Larry Mac to shut the heck up! OH GOD, the guy goes on and on and on, while the stuff he says make sense and is informative, THAT VOICE just goes on and on and you don’t have to explain everything, let the pictures and racing speak for them selves.
I have found a work around for them though… play your sound through your home theater system and lower the output of the center channel speaker all the way down…. that way you get the ambient sound and none of the chatter.

And now Nascar says that I can’t use the word Nascar? How in the heck am I supposed to talk about Nascar without using the word Nascar? I guess in their heavy handed way they are probably talking about the title of my website, but Nascar is what it’s about. Maybe I could just change the title to Nascar Sucks. There are many websites about stuff sucking, I wonder if they could sue me over that? I bet I could be on the first page of Google for Nascar sucks in no time.

Oh, and another thing, I wonder how many people, such as myself, went out and enjoyed the 4th of July instead of staying home and watching the Coke Zero 400? The ONE day I would rather Nascar race on a Sunday and they race on a national holiday when the kids expect to be out watching fireworks. What morons.

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