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Oct 06 2008

Nascar’s Official Statement About the Finish at Talladega

At Sunday’s drivers’ meeting, NASCAR reiterated the rule about passing under the yellow line and provided the same information to all drivers and crew chiefs in a hand out, as it has done in past Daytona and Talladega races.

The verbatim language is …

This is your warning: race above the yellow line. If, in NASCAR’s judgment, you go below the yellow line to improve your position, you will be black-flagged. If in NASCAR’s judgment you force someone below the yellow line (in an effort to stop him from passing you), you may be black-flagged.

“During the last lap of [Sunday's] race at Talladega Superspeedway the driver of the No. 01 violated NASCAR policy by driving under the yellow line to improve his position,” NASCAR president Mike Helton said. “In NASCAR’s opinion he was not forced below the yellow line. NASCAR correctly took immediate action to enforce the policy by penalizing the No. 01 and scoring the No. 20 as the race winner.

Helton concluded by saying …

“Since the end of the race there has been some confusion as to what is allowable during the last lap at Daytona and Talladega. To be clear, as we go forward, there will be no passing under the yellow line at any time during NASCAR races at Daytona or Talladega, period. This includes any passing below the yellow line near the start/finish line on the final lap.”

Source: NASCAR statement on 01′s pass below the yellow line

Sep 25 2007

Carl Edwards Fined 25 Championship Points

Nascar passed the ruling down today over the failed inspection of Carl Edwards #99 car, they fined Carl 25 driver championship points, the crew chief was fined $25,000 and 25 owner points were taken from Roush Fenway Racing. This is similar to the penalties suffered by Johnny Sauter and Kyle Busch in New Hampshire when their cars failed to meet the minimum height requirements.

Carl Edwards says he thinks that it probably happened when Greg Biffle gave him a couple good love taps after the race as congratulations. He said there were some braces bent under the deck lid and hopefully that is all it was. If that is the case, I get the feeling there will be a lot less love taps going on after the races from now on, if you can get fined for stuff that happens after the race, then those activities will stop very quickly I’m guessing.

The No. 99 Ford driven by Edwards was found to be too low in the right rear area, which violated Sections 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing); 12-4-Q (car, car parts, components and/or equipment not conforming to NASCAR rules); and 20-12.8.1C (failed to meet minimum rear car heights) of NASCAR Car of Tomorrow Technical Bulletin No. 3, dated April 10, 2007.

In addition, those infractions have resulted in a $25,000 fine for Edwards’ crew chief Bob Osborne, plus a penalty of 25 car owner championship points for Roush Fenway Racing. Osborne also has been placed on probation until Dec. 31. Source: Edwards dinged 25 points in wake of Dover infraction

From what I have heard, the right rear being too low would actually slow the car down and not help it as they want the right rear to be higher, but I’m no mechanic and had not heard that before, so, take that with a grain of salt.

Here are the championship points standings after the penalty:

1. Jeff Gordon 5,340
2. Tony Stewart 5,338
3. Jimmie Johnson 5,336
4. Kyle Busch 5,330
5. Clint Bowyer 5,322
6. Carl Edwards 5,312
7. Martin Truex Jr. 5,294
8. Jeff Burton 5,265
9. Kevin Harvick 5,225
10. Matt Kenseth 5,224
11. Kurt Busch 5,189
12. Denny Hamlin 5,182

Jul 31 2007

Tony Stewart Fined for Bad Language

If you watched the race at Indianapolis this past weekend and heard Tony Stewart’s victory interview, then you probably heard him say a mild cuss word. Well, looks like Nascar still doesn’t like cussing on TV as they have fined Tony Stewart 25 driver points and $25,000 and Joe Gibbs has been fined 25 car owner points. He is still in the fifth position with 2599 points.

Stewart violated Section 12-4-A of the series rule book (actions detrimental to stock car racing) by using the inappropriate language.

Jun 27 2007

Nascar Inconsistent on Penalties Once Again

Yesterday, Ted Musgrave was told he is suspended from this week’s race at Memphis, docked him 50 driver championship points, fined him $10,000 and placed him on probation until Dec. 31, 2007. Bob Germain, listed owner of the No. 9, was docked 50 owner’s points. Musgrave was found to be in violation of Section 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing; hitting another competitor’s truck during a caution period) of the 2007 NASCAR rule book. Lets see, this sounds awfully familiar for some reason, oh ya, Kurt Busch was in violation of the same rule at Dover. Busch was penalized 100 championship driver points, fined $100,000 and placed on NASCAR probation until Dec. 31, 2007, for violating Section 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing — reckless driving; endangering a crew member on pit road) of the 2007 NASCAR rule book.

See that? Musgrave slams another truck on the track under caution, where only he and the other drivers are in danger, unless, I guess, they were around some track workers. Kurt Busch could’ve run over a pit crew member from Tony Stewart’s team, but he doesn’t have to sit out a race.

Does something like this happen because of sponsorship money? I couldn’t even tell you who Musgraves sponsor is, while we all know that Kurt drives the #2 Miller Lite car. Could this be because of car owners? Roger Penske is a big name in racing, and even when Robin Pemberton was quoted in an article on, he was in contact with Penske officials all week. Why does he need to talk to them to decide how Kurt should be penalized? The owner of the #9 truck driven by Musgrave is Bob Germain, not sure if he is a big wig in racing or not, but I never heard of him. Musgrave even had a plausible excuse after the incident, saying he could barely steer the truck, Kurt Busch said what he did was wrong and did not deny it.

So what’s up Nascar? I want to know how this is fair, how you all are being fair and why do we have so much difference’s in penalties?

Jun 26 2007

The Penalties for the 24 and 48 Teams

Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson
Nascar handed down the penalties today for Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson, and they are the same penalty that Dale Jr. got for using the wrong bracket. Each driver was fined 100 championship points, so, no big deal, probably, they both should still make the Chase. Both crew chiefs, Steve Letarte and Chad Knaus were fined $100,000, suspended for the next six races, or until August 15th, and both are on probation until December 31, 2007. Both Rick Hendrick and Jeff Gordon were fined 100 car owner points, as Rick owns the 24 and Jeff the 48.

Both cars — the No. 24 driven by Jeff Gordon and the No. 48 driven by Jimmie Johnson — were found to be in violation of Sections 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing); 12-4-Q (car, car parts, components and/or equipment used do not conform to NASCAR rules); 20-2.1E (parts or components of the car not previously approved by NASCAR that have been installed or modified to enhance aerodynamic performance will not be permitted); and 20-2H (fenders may not be cut or altered except for wheel or tire clearance which must be approved by the Series Director) of the 2007 NASCAR rule book. The violations were found during the initial inspection process last Friday. Source: Gordon, Johnson docked 100 points for violations

One would think Nascar would have a repeat offender clause, as Chad was suspended for four races last year for messing with the aerodynamics of the 48 car for Daytona. If they don’t, they should have one, how can they discourage “cheating” if the penalty is the same every time? I realize missing your crew chief for six races is big, but, he will be talking to them the whole time on the phone or radio, you know he will, Dale Jr. said as much when his crew chief was gone for their COT violation earlier this year.

Jun 22 2007

24 and 48 Fail Race Inspection

Everyone has probably heard about it already, and I have nothing extra to add, I haven’t seen anything on TV about it yet, but Jeff Gordon’s 24 car and Jimmie Johnson’s 48 car both have failed race inspection at Sonoma. No press conference yet, that I know of, so no penalties have been set, but you have to figure AT LEAST the same or worse than Jr. got when the 8 car failed inspection in a COT race. At the time Nascar said the next penalty would be worse, so we will have to wait and see, but expect at least 100,000, 100 driver and owner points, and probably crew chief suspension’s. It is even possible they may have to sit out the race, but I kind of doubt that, as Kurt Busch didn’t get suspended when he endangered another teams crew members.

Nextel Cup point’s leader Jeff Gordon and reigning series champion Jimmie Johnson were banned from on-track activities Friday, and their status for Sunday’s event at Infineon Raceway was in jeopardy after NASCAR discovered illegal front-end modifications in initial inspection.

“When we presented the cars for inspection today [NASCAR] found our fenders were outside their limits in between the templates,” said Doug Duchardt, Hendrick Motorsports’ vice president of development. “The cars fit the templates. We thought we could work on the points between the templates and it became clear to us [in inspection] that we could not.”

The team was found to have violated Sections 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing), 12-4-Q (car, car parts, components and/or equipment used do not conform to NASCAR rules), and 20-3.1.3B (the NASCAR-approved upper and lower rear wing mounting brackets must not be modified to obtain a rear-wing angle of less than zero degrees or more than 16 degrees) of the NASCAR rule book.

Kurt Busch had the best quote in the article, saying, “You lose a little bit of practice time, but it’s only an hour and a half [on Friday]. It’s not much. It’s going to suck with those two cars [Gordon and Johnson] starting in the back because guys up front aren’t going to get any TV time.”

Jeff Gordon said that nothing could kill his good mood this weekend after the birth of his little girl Ella on Wednesday of this week. “Nothing’s going to ruin my day or my weekend — I’m on cloud nine,” Gordon said.

Jun 08 2007

Kurt Busch Penalized 100 Points and $100,000

Nascar announced the penalty today for Kurt Busch’s little incident on pit road Monday in Dover, 100 driver points and $100,000 dollars and placed on NASCAR probation until Dec. 31, 2007, for violating Section 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing — reckless driving; endangering a crew member on pit road). Roger Penske was also penalized 100 owner points for the infraction.

Now, I don’t know about you all, but I think that is kind of weak for what happened. All Nascar did right there is tell the drivers you can have one major infraction before you are suspended for any races or anything more severe than just points and money. Sure, the points are big, it dropped him from 11th to tied for 18th with Bobby Labonte, 720 points behind Jeff Gordon, and the hit to the wallet is never good, but I’m sure he can handle it.

Remember in 2002 when Harvick got a little payback in a truck race? They parked him the next week in the cup series, so, how does that compare? I realize Harvick was on probation at the time, but he was put on probation because of something that happened in the Busch series, did a little payback in the truck series and was penalized for it in the cup series.

Jimmy Spencer was suspended for a weekend for punching Kurt Busch after the GFS Marketplace 400 at Michigan International Speedway, something that only could’ve damaged Nascar’s image, although it probably made more people interested. How does that compare? Jimmy Spencer punched Kurt, Kurt endangered a pit crew members life and possibly some others had he lost control of his car while doing it. If Kurt was really that unhappy, punching Stewart should’ve been his reaction, not sliding into his car on pit road.

Nascar continues to disappoint in how they handle the rules this year, and they are only hurting themselves right now, a similar incident on pit road could end up with people being seriously hurt or even killed. Just ask Ricky Rudd how he feels after loosing control of his car and running into a crewman on pit road in 1990, I think it was. That crewman died and is what led to Nascar implementing the pit road speed. I they don’t want a similar incident in the future, they need to make a harder statement than they did.

May 15 2007

Dale Earnhardt Jr’s Team Fined for COT Violations

Dale Earnhardt Jr No. 8 team penalized for improper wing mount
Remember the confiscated brackets from the wing on Dale Jr’s car of tomorrow? Well, apparently it was bigger than first thought, or they have done something else because Nascar has just levied some heavy fines on Jr’s team. They have been docked 100 driver and owners points, and the crew chief is gone for six races. The wing was mounted wrong and it would’ve given the car more down force, or it should have anyway.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s crew chief, Tony Eury Jr., has been suspended six races, fined $100,000 and the team docked 100 driver and car owner points by NASCAR for improperly mounting the rear wing of Earnhardt Jr.’s No. 8 Chevrolet last weekend at Darlington, S.C., multiple sources confirmed Tuesday afternoon.

An official announcement of the penalty is expected later today. The violation was found during pre-race inspection on Saturday. Source: NASCAR slams Earnhardt Jr team with COT violation

Nothing yet on detailing what happened, although they did let everyone know that any modifications to the COT would result in serious penalties. Whose next?

Added: Nascar has posted an article about it now, Junior docked 100 points for illegal rear mounting.

According to NASCAR, the No. 8 team was found to have violated Sections 12-4-A (actions detrimental to stock car racing), 12-4-Q (car, car parts, components and/or equipment used do not conform to NASCAR rules), and 20-3.1.3B (the NASCAR-approved upper and lower rear wing mounting brackets must not be modified to obtain a rear-wing angle of less than zero degrees or more than 16 degrees) of the 2007 NASCAR rule book.

The penalty knocked Earnhardt from 12th in the standings — the final qualifying position for the Chase for the Nextel Cup — to 14th. He’s now 721 points behind points leader Jeff Gordon, and 54 points out of Chase contention.

They said they will appeal the ruling since the rule is not spelled out in the rule book.

Feb 15 2007

The Other Penalties at Daytona

I just realized I did not post anything about the other penalties that Nascar has handed out this week at Daytona, so this is just a quick post for that. In all four crew chiefs were suspended, 5 counting Waltrip’s, fines of $150,000, $250,000 counting Waltrip’s, and 150 driver and car owner points, 250 counting Waltrip’s. This has to be the biggest week of fines and penalties Nascar has ever had.

Evernham Motorsports took the biggest hit as its lead car, the No. 9 Dodge of driver Kasey Kahne, lost its team director, Kenny Francis, for four races beginning with Sunday’s Daytona 500; Kahne was docked 50 driver points and owner Ray Evernham 50 owner points.

Kahne’s teammates, Elliott Sadler (No. 19) and Scott Riggs (No. 10) lost their team directors, Josh Browne and Rodney Childers, respectively, for two races apiece; Sadler and Riggs will lose 25 driver points each, and owners Evernham (19) and James Rocco (10) will be docked 25 owner points following the Daytona 500.

Roush Racing’s No. 17 Ford team for driver Matt Kenseth was hit with an equivalent penalty as Kahne’s — with both infractions involving “air improperly ducted into the car,” according to NASCAR vice president of competition Robin Pemberton.

Kenseth’s crew chief Robbie Reiser will serve a four-race suspension and he was assessed a $50,000 fine. Kenseth will lose 50 driver points and owner Jack Roush 50 owner points. source: Reiser, Francis hit with four-race suspensions

Certainly is exciting down in Daytona this week, I wonder who will be fined for post race inspections at Daytona next week?

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