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May 25 2007

Jack Roush Says It’s Not Fair

Jack Roush says that the Hendrick Motorsports, Joe Gibbs Racing and Richard Childress Racing teams are not playing fair because they are testing more than the other teams. Those teams are going to tracks that the Nascar circuit does not run on and testing the COT cars with different Goodyear tires, because they can’t use the ones they race with, and they are getting a good idea on how it runs. Is this against Nascar’s rules? Nope. But Jack Roush says it’s not fair.

And that is not fair, according to Jack Roush, owner of the Roush Fenway Racing team. He says that Hendrick and others have ignored the intent of a Nascar policy to limit testing.

“They were going to start everybody on the Car of Tomorrow on an even basis, saying there’s four or five tests, whatever it was, that’s what you get, that’s what you got,” Roush said Thursday at Lowe’s Motor Speedway as teams began preparing for Sunday’s Coca-Cola 600, which is not a Car of Tomorrow event. “The teams that have been successful, and I’ll name names — the Hendrick organization, the Gibbs organization and the Childress organization — have been testing these cars multiple times a week on racetracks that were outside of Nascar’s control with tires that were not Goodyear’s.”

“I got behind on that,” Roush said. “But two weeks ago, I hired six people. I dedicated a tractor-trailer and I’ve gone public and said, ‘O.K., I’m going to get in the testing game, too.’ ” Source: Nascar’s Rules Tested by Tests on New Car

Now, I remember seeing teams testing at different tracks all of the time, like the one in Kentucky, and seems like there were a couple others in Virginia, or the Carolina’s, that they tested on. So, how would this be any different? As long as they are not going against Nascar’s rules, then there is nothing going on, so is Jack Roush mad because he didn’t think of it, didn’t think it would help, or just because they aren’t running very well and is looking for an excuse? Or all of the above? I have no idea, but he doesn’t seem to think it’s cheating or he wouldn’t have started doing it himself, would he? Robert Pemberton says,

“We can do a lot of different things; we choose to do things carefully and to not put ourselves in a box,” said Robin Pemberton, Nascar’s vice president for competition. He said that the Nascar policy limited the laboratory testing done with the tires used in competition, which was the goal.

“Even though they’re off-site and they’re testing vehicles, they’re not testing any particular track that we race at to get what would be probably a larger advantage,” he said.

So, what’s the problem Jack? Sounds like a whiny driver complaining he got rubbed a little and it’s not fair. If Nascar thought it was unfair, they would say no extra testing period. End of story.

May 18 2007

DEI & RCR Merging Engine Programs

Some big news out of Charlotte today, Richard Childress Racing and Dale Earnhardt Inc have agreed to merge their engine programs. Plans for the merger were underway before Jr made his announcement, but how will this affect where he goes? Surely, it will make him think twice before deciding on RCR, or has he already made his decision to go it on his own, or sign with a team like Hendrick Motorsports?

A formal announcement is expected later Friday. RCR and DEI officials were not immediately available for comment. Plans for the merger were under way before last week’s decision by DEI driver Dale Earnhardt Jr. to not return to the organization next season, sources said. Source: Childress, DEI to combine engine programs, effective immediately

The two programs will continue to operate out of separate facilities until a centralized site can be built. Lord knows they both need to do something, Harvick was running good previously, and he won the Daytona 500 this year, but has done little since, but I couldn’t even tell you who the others drivers are off of the top of my head, as they are talked about so little. Dale Jr has always run good on the super speedways until recently, with Hendricks dominating almost everywhere. We’ll know more after the official announcement today.

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