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Aug 06 2007

Robby Gordon’s Meltdown in Montreal

Robby Gordon spins Marcos Ambrose
I didn’t get to see the Busch race myself, but it sure sounded like I missed a good one, anytime Robby Gordon makes a fool out of himself it’s usually a good time. It ended up with him being suspended from this weekends Pocono race, won by Kurt Busch, but it looks like he will be able to run next weekend in Watkins Glen, where I’m sure he already sees himself winning, knowing he’s the road course master and all.

Robby Gordon was suspended by NASCAR for the Nextel Cup race at Pocono on Sunday because of his misconduct on the race track at the Busch Series race in Canada.

Gordon refused to forfeit his position on the track when ordered to by NASCAR late in Saturday’s race. Officials said Gordon intentionally knocked Marcos Ambrose out of the race, and then refused to pull off the track as ordered, ignoring repeated black flags.

Gordon also celebrated at the same time as race winner Kevin Harvick, overshadowing what had been a wonderful debut weekend for the series in Canada. Source: NASCAR suspends Robby Gordon

On his website at, he made a statement about what happened:

I want to start by expressing my regrets to the sponsors, fans, and all competitors for any part I played in the miscommunication, confusion and uncertainty surrounding the finish in this weekend’s Busch race in Montreal. Immediately following the last caution when I was spun out by the 59 car, at first I was told that I was scored in first place and I should be in that position. Later, I was told that I was in second place and I assumed that position, which was fine. Moments before the green flag dropped, I was told that I was scored in 13th position.

Obviously I objected, and I stated that I would complete the race under protest. I believed that my protest would be a foregone conclusion if I moved to position 13. I was confident that most people who watched the race or see the replay would agree that I should have been scored in first or second. I also wanted to make sure that the race played out the way it should if the officials ultimately agreed with me after seeing the tape and granted my protest. Therefore, I decided to preserve the status quo by holding the second position and racing from that position to the end of the race. My belief was that it would be no harm no foul if my protest was denied because I would then be disqualified in the race regardless. On the other hand, if I moved to position 13 and my protest was granted, then the race results would be affected. In order to preserve the integrity of my protest, I decided to stay in second position.

It was not my purpose to disrespect the authority of NASCAR or the officials. I do respect their authority to run the race and make the calls, and I understand the significance of the black flag. I strongly disagree with the calls that affected me at the end of the race. Being spun under the yellow and not being allowed to resume my position prior to the spin put me in a position to react as I did. Nonetheless, I accept NASCAR’s decision and I intend to move forward under the rules.

Blah, blah, blah. At least Kevin Harvick won the race.

Nov 03 2006

Robby Gordon Fined for Littering

Looks like everyone was right, Robby Gordon did throw some of his padding out the window to cause the late caution. Now who would’ve thought a driver would try to get an advantage the other drivers wouldn’t get, I bet that never happens. Not saying I condone it, just that I am not surprised, I’ve heard some stories about Dale Earnhardt senior throwing out pieces of his race cars to get cautions, so this has been going on for a long time. Robby Gordon just got caught on TV and had to pay the price. At the time, Robby Gordon said on TV, “I definitely did not throw anything out of the window.”

Gordon, who owns his own race team, was docked 50 driver points and 50 car owner points, and fined $15,000 for throwing a piece of roll bar padding onto the track during Sunday’s race at Atlanta. The debris caused NASCAR to call a caution, which helped Gordon to his 10th-place finish but hurt Burton’s final result.

Gordon was also fined $15,000 and placed on probation until the end of the year. Crew chief Greg Erwin was fined $10,000. Source:

They had two clear angles on TV and inspected his car in a two day investigation into the incident. Previous similar incidents are when Earnhardt Jr was penalized 25 points and $10,000 when he said on his radio he did it on purpose, and Kurt Busch was fined $10,000 for spinning Gordon at the 2002 all star race, after he admitted in two interviews he spun him out. Can you say Du huh?

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