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Feb 12 2009

Late Nascar Rule Change

It looks like Nascar has decided to make a late rule change, for 2009, the last 20 laps will be a single file restart after a caution, previously it had been the last 10 laps. The lucky dog rule remains the same, the first car one lap down gets to go back on the lead lap after a caution, except for the final 10 laps.

“We just felt that for the cars that had earned their way up to the top during late stages of the race, it will give them a better opportunity to compete for the win,” Tharp said. “So instead of a single-file restart with 10 to go, that will now be with 20 laps to go. The beneficiary rule is still intact as it was; there is no beneficiary inside of 10 laps.” Source: NASCAR changes the rule on single-file restarts

Personally I like it, I think it makes sense as we have certainly seen lap cars get in the way of lead lap cars and allow the leader to get away from the field, thus knocking down the chances for competition among the lead lap cars. That certainly makes the end of some races less exciting, although, I don’t think it will affect too many races. What do you all think?

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