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Apr 28 2007

Nascar Predictions for Talladega 2007

Allright, qualifying is over, time for my little predictions, for whatever they are worth.

1. Tony Stewart (Yes, you read that right, if he doesn’t win it will be because he was caught up in the big one.)
2. Jeff Gordon (Who else could push him up there?)
3. Jimmy Johnson (It will be his turn to try to get around Gordon without wrecking him.)
4. Dale Earnhardt Jr. (It doesn’t matter that he qualified 26th.)
5. Kyle Busch (Another race he’ll be disapointed he didn’t win.)

Apr 28 2007

Gordon Has Talladega Pole

At least thats what Ingrid said.
Gordon wins pole in Talladega
[tag]Jeff Gordon[/tag] has won the pole at Talladega Superspeedway, I believe it’s his first pole here, but, I’ve been wrong before. He was the first to go out and stayed there until David Gilliland tied it exactly, what are the chances of that, especially in a Ford? Since Gordon is leading the points, he gets the pole with Gilliland being second.

Nascar has the video posted here.

Gordon, the first driver to make a qualifying attempt Saturday for the Aaron’s 499 at Talladega Superspeedway, posted a lap of 192.069 mph and then watched 51 other drivers fail to knock him off the pole (watch video).

David Gilliland, last fall’s pole-winner here, did manage to exactly match Gordon’s qualifying speed, but the four-time NASCAR champion was awarded his third pole in nine tries this year and 60th of his career by virtue of being ahead of the second-year driver in the points.

“I’m shocked,” Gordon said. “I really didn’t expect to stay on top after going out first. But I want to be up front every time we’re on the racetrack. And especially here.” Source: Gordon captures pole for potentially wild Talladega

Gordon said the bump drafting is going to be severe, if it is anything like Friday nights practice, because the surface is smooth, with lots of grip and is very comfortable. Dale Earnhardt Jr. is starting near the back in 36th, but isn’t worried at all, he said the car is going to go to the front and he knows how to win here.

Apr 27 2007

Nascar Spanks Tony Before Talladega

When Tony Stewart arrived in Talladega today, he was told that the Nascar officials wanted to talk to him, and they couldn’t unload the 20 car until he did. After the meeting, Stewart was apologetic for what he said, saying, “You can’t fix stupid a lot of times,” he said. “I’m getting better about not saying stupid things at the wrong times, but I’m not totally cured yet.”

Tony would not comment on who he met with, but he did say that the group he met with was a group of peers that he trusts and if they tell him that stuff is out there, from now on, he will believe them. He said, “The meeting this morning was a good meeting. It’s a little tender for me to sit down right now, but I’m semi-confident that by the time practice starts, the medication that I’ve got will numb it up enough that I can go out and do my job.”

Added: I just read on, hear Chastened Stewart admits: ‘I did a lot of damage’, that Tony was fined $10,000 he is on probation until December 31st of 2007.

Tony Stewart talks to the press at Talladega

Tony Stewart’s day began early at Talladega – 6 a.m. to be precise, which is when the two-time NASCAR Nextel Cup Champion was summoned for a high-level confab with NASCAR official over some comments made by Stewart earlier in the week on his SIRIUS radio show. NASCAR refused to let Stewart’s Joe Gibbs Racing team unload his No. 20 off the hauler Friday morning until Stewart met with officials from the sanctioning body.

But after the NASCAR meeting Friday morning, Stewart had a different perspective. “They assured me that the debris cautions are for things that are out there,” he said. “They say that there are things that are out there and to be honest, the group that I spoke with this morning is a group of peers that I trust. If they tell me stuff is out there, I believe them.” Source: Stewart Apologizes For Radio Remarks

Now, whether he actually believes them or not, we probably won’t know, unless he “opens up” again, but it’s good that they worked it out, and it’s good that he won’t be comparing Nascar to Wrastling anymore, I hate it when my driver has a bad day, I can’t imagine being happy with Nascar if they fixed the races and he ended up last, talk about sticking it to you twice.

Oct 08 2006

Brian Vickers Wins UAW-Ford 500

Brian Vickers Wins UAW-Ford 500
Brian Vickers wins the UAW-Ford 500 at Talladega today, but, his first win was not without controversy. On the final lap, he was bump drafting with Jimmie Johnson, Johnson dives down to pass Dale Jr, who momentarily tries to block him, Vickers drops down and spins Jimmie Johnson, whose car then collects Earnhardt and both spin, allowing the No. 25 car to pass them. The caution comes out, and depending on when you call it, could’ve ended with Kasey Kahne and Kurt Busch passing him, but, NASCAR called Brian Vickers the winner. In victory circle, Vickers said Johnson had to swerve because Jr was blocking him and that is what caused the accident. Johnson didn’t swerve, but it did slow him up a hair, putting Vickers nose up past Johnson when he came down to pass Earnhardt. I don’t think it was on purpose, but it was unfortunate for Earnhardt and Johnson, who was upset over the incident.

“It’s absolutely uncalled for, completely out of line,” Johnson said. “I’m racing for a championship, OK? The only way to win [the race] was to crash us both.

“I don’t think he meant to do it, but he did it. He shouldn’t even think about putting any of us in that situation. It’s ridiculous.”

Chad Knaus was equally as upset, but a little harsher in his assessment of the situation.

“It wasn’t bad judgment, it was lack of talent,” Knaus said. “I just don’t think he has the talent to understand what he has underneath him.”

Dale Jr said he thought Brian didn’t do it on purpose, and was just excited to be racing for the win, since he has been winless so far. That’s just racing, he said. I agree, he was helping Johnson pass Earnhardt by bump drafting and when Jr tried to block him, Johnson had slow up a hair and Vickers of course came down to pass Jr and hit Jimmie, spinning him out.

Jeff Gordon ended up being in the big wreck that always seems to happen at these restrictor plate races, and complained about all of the hard bump drafting going on during the race. The NASCAR reporter asking him the questions jumped all over that as they had been listening to him complain about Earnhardt bump drafting on his radio. He was reluctant to reply, as everyone would love a good Earnhardt/Gordon rivalry again, and said he liked racing Jr but he was definitely bumping him hard. Later on during the race, Earnhardt, who probably heard what Jeff and the reporter had talked about, asked NASCAR if what he was doing was okay. NASCAR said no, and he said, okay, NASCAR, okay.

Here are the points standings for the ten in the Chase for the Cup:

1. — Jeff Burton Leader
2. +2 Matt Kenseth -6
3. — Mark Martin -10
4. +1 Kevin Harvick -33
5. -3 Denny Hamlin -51
6. +1 D. Earnhardt Jr. -106
7. -1 Jeff Gordon -147
8. — Jimmie Johnson -156
9. +1 Kasey Kahne -185
10. -1 Kyle Busch -185

Sep 28 2006

Repaving at Talladega to Make it More Competitive

Workers tore up the worn and cracked track at Talladega soon after the last race in April, the Aaron’s 499, and the track President Rick Humphrey is hoping this repaving will last as long as the last one in 1979.

Nine drivers in Sunday’s Dover 400 weren’t born the last time a repaving project started at Talladega Superspeedway.

And that’s not including Carl Edwards, who was born between when workers started the process in late 1979 and when they completed the job before the next race in May 1980.

According to a Goodyear test with six drivers, the track is smooth but only slighty faster than before. Ryan Newman says you better bring a fast racecar because it is going to be totally opposite of Daytona now.

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