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Feb 10 2009

Daytona 2009 Qualifying

Martin Truex Jr. has the pole for the 2009 Daytona 500 with a speed of 188.001 mph, and Mark Martin claimed second with a speed of 187.817 mph, they also start in the top spot in both of the Gatorade Duel races, Truex in race #1 and Martin in race #2.. The top two spots are the only ones that are guaranteed right now, they use the results of the Gatorade races to determine the rest of the starting order, the top two finishes in each Duel race outside the top 35 in 2008 owners’ points make the race, as well as the next three fastest qualifiers not already locked in.

Pretty complicated, and there has been some debate on how complicated and hard it is on the teams to qualify for Daytona the way that it is now. They should qualify normally for the most part, and use the Gatorade races to determine the top two starters for the race, they would still have the same amount of warm-up races, the Duel races and the Bud Shootout but would make it a lot easier on the drivers I bet. But what do I know.

Here is how they will start for the two Gatorade races.
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